Casual/Freelance Audio, Vision + Lighting Technicians – Corporate Events


Name: Scene Change



Location: Brisbane, QLD


We get feedback that casual AV crew enjoy their days working with the Scene Change team. Why is that? We asked some freelance techs that very question. 

You’re working with a very positive team, who support the people around them. Nobody thinks they’re better than anyone else. We have each others’ backs.

If you’re new to the game, there are lots of smart people you can learn new skills from, who are happy to teach you.

You’ll be working with high-end gear that gives you the confidence you need on site. 

Scene Change has a consistent record of re-investment in new gear, because your work is a direct reflection of the tools you’re given to work with.

If these are important issues for you, Scene Change is a good place to work.

We’re all about support for the techs on site. Everyone in management used to be a tech, and our entire goal is getting you clear information and the best equipment you could ask to work with. That’s why we buy equipment brands like VuePix LED, Brompton Processing, Christie Projectors, Barco switching, L-Acoustics PA, Martin lights and other gear you can trust.

We need Experienced Casual Vision, Audio and Lighting Technicians to work with our Brisbane operation. 

We’re also looking to take on some juniors. Perhaps you’ve had some experience in AV at school, houses of worship, or other hands-on event situations. Some of our best techs have joined us as inexperienced juniors and learned it all from our seniors. It’s a great opportunity if it’s your ambition to use some really expensive tech on a daily basis. 

We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate, detail-orientated Audio, Vision and Lighting  professionals who are well presented and are willing to get their hands dirty. Applicants must also have an approachable manner, not just with clients but with your fellow crew. We value our positive vibe and it’s what makes Scene Change what it is. 

We prefer applicants with over 3 years experience within the Corporate Events market and experience in delivering quality events with high level equipment brands. If you can think on your feet to solve problems under pressure, work independently or lead a close-knit team, we are looking for you.

We are strong supporters of female AV techs, and provide a safe and supportive environment for women to work in.

Send us your resume, including two references and a brief cover letter about yourself. We would love to hear from you.


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