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Name: Benjamin Coppel

Phone: 0407 048 580

Email: hello@squarewave.com.au

Location: Remote

Square Wave is seeking a report developer to join our team. We provide services to users of Flex Rental Solutions software within the entertainment industry.


Position: Flex Report Developer

Purpose of the position:

  • Develop and deploy Flex Rental Solutions reports for Square Wave’s clients and internal portfolio.
  • Projects may include customer-facing documents such as quotes and invoices, internal operational documents such as shipping manifests, or BI and internal oversight reports.

Candidate requirements:

  • Australia / NZ resident
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Your own computer and internet connection
  • Ability to work independently with sufficient guidance
  • Good communication and time management skills
  • A strong work ethic and attention to detail

Essential skills:

  • Experienced with MySQL / general SQL competence

Desirable skills:

  • Experience with Jaspersoft report development
  • Experience working with Flex Rental Solutions software
  • General best practices in software development
  • Familiarity with Java
  • Graphic design abilities
  • Experience in event production

Key responsibilities:

  • Crafting MySQL queries
  • Creating & modifying reports in Jaspersoft Studio
  • Testing and deploying reports in Flex Rental Solutions
  • Communicating with team and clients about projects

Position details:

  • Employment type
    • Contractor or casual employee
  • Remuneration
    • Contractor: fixed fee per project
    • Casual employee: hourly rate – minimum $40/hr in line with industry award
  • Work schedule
    • Flexible based on project load
    • Typically 2-5 days / week
    • Flexible work hours


Working at Square Wave

We are a niche consultancy firm providing services to companies who use Flex Rental Solutions – mostly but not exclusively in the events/entertainment industry. Our small team is made up of former entertainment technicians who now provide IT services to our colleagues in the industry.

We are based primarily in Australia and work remotely from home with collaboration via online platforms. We meet a few times per week to coordinate work and exchange ideas but most projects are completed independently. Tasks are assigned, deadlines are set, then each individual manages their own time to complete their tasks. Guidance and collaboration are available as needed.

As former entertainment technicians, we have brought the hustle with us. We take pride in doing excellent work and delivering it on time. Our clients are hard-working people in the event production industry and we enjoy a positive camaraderie with most of them, which is all the more motivation to deliver excellent work.

The work is rewarding and the pay is appropriate. We will invest time and effort to train the right person who is a proper fit for our team and who will stick with us long-term.

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