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Name: Aimee Penhallow


Email: aimee@fitnessaudio.com.au


We are a company that manufactures and distributes head-worn microphones that we sell around the world. The job entails the Termination of Audio Cables.

We are looking for a technical assistant to help us deliver a new contract to supply microphones to our US and EU partners. We need someone who is already proficient with a soldering iron for effective connector soldering. The successful applicant will be selected by assessment of their current soldering skills by our tech team members. We envisage this role working a minimum of 2 x 6 hours per week, or more as required. The award rate pay path rises to a Cert II level after a successful 4 month training period.

In addition to the above requirement, we seek someone who: has excellent verbal communication and presentation skills, organized, confident and adaptable pro-active, and is customer-focused to ensure our clients always receive an exceptional product.

Initial application by email, please.

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