PA & Lighting Sales


Name: Greg



Location: Newcastle NSW

We’re looking for someone who has passion and experience in Live Sound, Lighting and sales to join our in store sales team based in Newcastle NSW. 

The mainly serve the consumer and prosumer demographics with some pro installations and fit outs. Understanding of Dante, Network Audio, Studio Gear, Microphones, Speakers and mixers is a must. Anyone with previous sales experience will be prioritised


About us:

At Musos Corner, the things that matter to Musos, matter to us. First, we stacked our store with a massive range of brands to suit every budget, then we filled our store with working Musos who are experts; guys and girls who are passionate about putting the right gear in your hands. No commissions, no kick backs, no hierarchy, no pushy sales, no BS. We are proud of our independent corner store since 1967, we love our gear, and we love getting you the right gear for your needs! We like to think that’s why we’re the people’s music store.

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