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Name: Kristina Helbig



Location: Melbourne

Igloo Vision are one of the world’s leaders in shared Virtual Reality. We create immersive projection spaces for a broad number of industries including architecture, engineering, construction, cultural and educational institutions, oil and gas, and many more.

Our systems use cutting edge VR to create interactive training with game engines, real-time data visualisations, 5D movie playback and much more.

We’re a fast-growing UK company with offices in the US, Canada, and Melbourne. We’re looking for someone to support the Australian team with the ongoing growth and success of the company.


Project Managers are an essential part of the successful delivery of Igloo products to clients and from time to time Internal Projects. Project Managers are tasked with requirement gathering to best deploy the assigned project. Project managers are often the primary point of contact for organizers and clients and are responsible for the flawless delivery of projects from enquiry through to final delivery. As a result, Project Managers tend to be on-site for the event itself to ensure that it goes smoothly and quickly respond to client’s issues. It is expected that the Project Managers are well presented, and customer service focused while maintaining Igloo’s best interest.

Project Managers are expected to strive for the highest standards in project management, administrative organisation and client facing abilities. Project Managers are expected to understand and maintain the high Igloo standards expected and the implications of their decisions on the business including budgetary elements. They are expected to be role models for junior production team members and maintain a positive can-do attitude in the organisation. Project Managers are also responsible for their own personal growth and learn from the Senior Project Managers to gain the opportunity to advance their position. Travel will be required for this role.


Project Management

  • Working with the sales team to produce accurate cost estimates
  • Create project plans/timelines and be responsible for the management of internal and external resources against this plan
  • Hiring of sub-contractor staff in advance as per the Work Breakdown and project budget
  • Successfully deliver projects on time and on budget, exceeding margins where possible
  • Ensuring Igloo Visions workflow is followed and ensuring the production team deliver within it. This includes assigning tasks to team members and overseeing the successful completion of these tasks
  • Interact with clients and represent Igloo in a courteous but professional manner with clients being fully aware of the contractual arrangements under which they provide Igloo services to clients
  • Training Production Engineers in product deployment and software and identify training needs within the teams
  • Make clear and calculated decisions that are best for the business, during the project management process
  • Ensure all administrative project documents are completed and stored on the company drive correctly.
  • Ensure inventory process is followed and concise packing lists are created for each project and equipment packed and stored accordingly


  • Continually developing system and process improvements internally and with the supply chain to improve efficiency, profitability and client experience
  • Setting standards and maintaining them for the whole of the production team
  • Adherence to Igloo Vision’s financial process.
  • Ensure that all customer leads are communicated to the Commercial Director or Sales representative
  • Contribute with positive improvements to the operations of the business

Other Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for Health and Safety throughout planning and delivery
  • Ensuring adherence to internal controls established by Igloo Vision. The internal controls include but are not limited to:
    • Completion of accurate time sheets
    • Input into and compliance with resource allocations
    • Expense reports in line with expenses policy
    • Ensuring the team always meet the company minimum standards on dress code
    • Take responsibility for the safeguarding of Igloo assets, this includes physical inventory, Intellectual Property and the reputation of Igloo Vision
    • Adherence to the Igloo Vision finance process

Any experience regarding the use of projection systems or AV systems is highly desirable. Computer interface skills would also be beneficial to succeeding in this role.

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