Retail Guitar/Audio Shop Assistant


Name: Harrison Music



Location: Adelaide, SA

About us

Harrison Music has a long-established reputation as a supplier of quality musical instruments and accessories. Our customers look to us for good advice and relevant products to enable them to enjoy and grow in their musical pursuits. We rely on our staff having a sincere desire and ability to provide and share their knowledge with a wide range of customers in a genuinely helpful way.

Qualifications & experience

  • Attention to detail is essential
  • Task orientation is essential
  • Guitar playing ability is essential
  • Guitar setup knowledge and ability is essential
  • Familiarity with and ability on other instruments will be an asset
  • Willingness to work hard consistently and properly focussed is essential.

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Positively resolving customer service challenges
  • Guitar maintenance and basic guitar repairs as required
  • Diligent checking and setting up of guitars prior to sale
  • Efficient restringing of guitars plus other folk instruments
  • Knowledge of microphones, recording and audio setups
  • Positive, pleasant, mature sales approach essential
  • Restocking and labelling instruments and accessories


  • Positive work environment as part of a dedicated music team
  • Somewhat flexible work hours could suit part-time music teacher or music student


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