Senior System Technician at Audio Technik


Name: Sebastian Marks

Phone: 08 9277 4484


Location: Bassendean, WA

Audio Technik is currently looking for a Senior System Technician to join our team. Any applicants seeking to apply should forward their resume and cover letter to by 5pm 28/09/2018.

The Senior Technician is responsible for overseeing the preparation, delivery and return of events, ensuring that all staff and equipment are safe, compliant and delivered on time and within resources allocated by Operations Manager. They are expected to provide a high level of customer service and help to ensure repeat business of valued clients along with directing casual staff and taking a lead role in the training and development of Junior Technicians.
This position, under direction from the Operations Manager, works closely with our Suppliers and Customers; for the delivery, installation, operation and removal of technical audio equipment for the delivery of Audio Technik’s services to; Concerts, Music festivals, Corporate and Sporting Events.

About the responsibilities:


Show lead any high level shows e.g, international touring, multiple stage festivals
Perform system engineering, front of house mixing, monitor mixing and system patching.
Setup and operate digital consoles and digital signal networking such as Dante, AES/EBU etc.
Implement and refine system designs
Perform maintenance on audio equipment
Use d&b Array Calc, R1 and offline editors to prepare for show delivery.
Liaise with Hire Managers about any foreseeable issues at quoting stage.
Prep equipment to an equipment list.
Perform system audits for installed audio systems

Provide guidance and mentorship to staff that require it.
Liaise with all Hire Managers to ensure delivery of events within the scope of Audio Technik.
Demonstrate responsibility and crew leadership as a representative of Audio Technik.
Assess the needs of staff and contractors for training and development.
Provide guidance to management in regards to Audio Strategy

Comply with all operational procedures.
Manage event summary and documentation for post show debriefs.
Demonstrate competence using Flex, Audio Technik’s rental software.
Demonstrate competence in the use of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and Outlook.

Ensure all government and industry OHS regulations are observed and complied with.
Conduct risk assessments and enforce preventative measures to ensure the safety of Audio Technik employees, affiliates and property.

About the Person:

The following essential capabilities are to be addressed in the context of the responsibilities of the position:

Has d&b audiotechnik training or relevant experience with d&b audiotechnik products.
Experienced in system engineering, front of house mixing, monitor mixing and system patching.
Experienced in digital consoles and digital signal networking such as Dante and AES/EBU.
Detailed understanding of standard audio practices, live microphone techniques, and understanding/interpretation of band requirements.
Has performed and can demonstrate system engineering on at least 10 large notable events.
Understands strategic objectives.
Identifies and uses resources to achieve maximum efficiency.
Builds and maintains professional relationships.
Exemplifies personal integrity.
Communicates and influences effectively both orally and in writing.

Qualifications / Certificates:

Valid Western Australian C class drivers licence.
7 years live audio engineering experience.

Valid Western Australian MR class drivers licence.
Valid HRWL in forklift and intermediate rigging
Certificate 4 or above in Sound Production.
Dante Certification level 2

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