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Location: Sydney

The main purpose of this role is to provide Sound and AV expertise and operation for Sydney Theatre
Company (STC) in the pre-production, technical, run and touring periods of delegated productions. The Sound & AV Operator will work across a variety of STC venues and regionally on tour.Attend rehearsals, as required, to understand the technical requirements of and learn each
• To provide a point of contact for the Sound and AV designer for delegated productions.
• Be responsible for the preparation and delivery of the sound and AV aspects involved in the design
of the production, within the given time frame and budget and in a reliable and timely manner.
• Be the first point of contact for touring venue staff and being responsible for the preparation and
delivery of the Sound & AV requirements for delegated productions.
• Create and maintain a consistent sound mix of a professional quality.
• Operate and maintain the Sound and AV playback system.
• Manage the efficient use of sound and AV components for the delegated productions during all
stages of the production.
• Be prepared to tour as required, contracted and paid under the Sydney Theatre Company
Enterprise Agreement.
• Maintain a working script and other paperwork as required.
• Prepare and maintain AV equipment and consumables for rehearsals, and show run.

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