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Location: North Rocks, Sydney

NW Group, incorporating Norwest Productions and Cairellie, are seeking applications for the position of Level 1 technician, Vision, in our Sydney business. This is an entry position, and would be well suited to people interested in a career in video technical production, specifically relating to projection, LED screens, content creation and associated technology.

The role would see you spend up to 1 year based in our warehouse at North Rocks, learning your trade from the ground-up. Prepping and de-prepping shows under the guidance of senior vision staff, and being responsible for the overall presentation of our equipment and packaging on a daily basis. As opportunities arise, you would also be included on show rosters to assist senior techs, and further your practical learning. Training would largely be “on the job”, with basic trade training off site, such as Electrical Test and Tag, Forklift, EWP and First Aid training completed throughout your first year.

The hours of work are generally stated as 38 hours per week, typically rostered anywhere between 6am and 6pm on a daily basis, however, the nature of live production means you may be requested to work outside these hours. Flexibility is paramount, not just in our business, but in our industry.


The position is ultimately suited to people who are passionate about vision and AV, enthusiastic about learning and growing, and collaborative by nature. The ability to work within a framework of policies and procedures is wonderful, but so is the ability to think outside the box.

  • All applicants need to be legally able to work in Australia.
  • A sound – high level of I.T. literacy. It’s 2015 right?
  • A qualification in production, be that a certificate 3 or higher, would be looked upon favourably but is in no way a requirement.
  • A current driver’s license is important. Discuss this with us prior to application if you need.
  • The role does require a level of physical involvement, however, should not be looked upon as a barrier to your application. The position will be filled on a level of overall merit.
  • A desire to work “across disciplines” including Lighting and Audio can absolutely be accommodated within the scope of this role, and is encouraged.

We’re proud to be equal opportunity employers at NW Group. All applicants that feel they’ve got something to offer should apply for this job. Ideally, all applications should be received no later than Friday, 18/09/15, and your resume should include any relevant experience you feel may give you the edge. References are important.

Please submit your applications to –

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