Novatech – Connect with Riedel Mediornet

5 Nov 2015

Novatech Creative Event Technology have become the first Australian production company to add Riedel’s Mediornet, the leading signal distribution system, to their hire inventory. Mediornet revolutionises the way video, audio, control and communications are distributed at an event, with its dual redundant fibre optic cabling system radically cutting down on complexity, set-up-time and costs, while providing more…

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Studios 301 to move – Abbey Road race for accreditation

4 Nov 2015

Confusion surrounds the future of Australia’s largest recording studio complex, Studios 301 in Sydney, after the facility was sold in August to Abbey Road Institute. Now a development application has been lodged to rebuild the site as residential units. Owned by former SAE chief Tom Misner since 1998, the studio was sold to GBC Europe…

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Review: Soundcraft Si Impact

28 Oct 2015

More for less We first saw the Si series as we know it in the Compact, then Performer and Expression ranges. The Impact is not so much the latest iteration of the console, but the latest addition to the line. An important distinction is that whereas models such as the Si Compact are available in several…

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PEACE UPON YOU [from a great height]

27 Oct 2015

LL, the drummer for the Harris Tweed band popped into the factory the other day, and over a coffee we started reminiscing over funny things that have happened in the course of earning a living. Mine have been well documented [some might say ad nauseam!]in this column but he has had no-one to write his down…

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Roadskills: Gurrumul Yunupingu

26 Oct 2015

Indigenous Australian musician Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, known simply as Gurrumul, sings in both English and his native Yolngu language. Born blind, Gurrumul plays the drums, keyboards, guitar (a right-hand-strung guitar played left- handed) and didgeridoo, but it is the clarity of his singing voice that stuns audiences worldwide. In July this year, he released his…

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Review: Robe Strobe

22 Oct 2015

Rhyme and reason The Robe Strobe certainly has the rhyming part right, but does it have a good reason to exist? It’s by no means the first LED strobe to hit the market, but as we discovered it does have a few features that make it quite unique. The front lens is occupied by 120…

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21 Oct 2015

THE ENIGMATIC ENGINEER 17th February 1968 – 21st August 2015 Yesterday I went to the memorial of one of my oldest and best friends, Calum Orr, who last week passed away peacefully after a 15-year battle with cancer. I’m still in shock and feel sick right now at the prospect of reducing my friend to a…

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20 Oct 2015

People, it seems, are re-discovering analogue tape… again! Just when you might have felt certain the format had gone the way of the steam engine, it’s back! How long analogue tape will return for or how the machines used to spin it will survive another resurgence is another matter. When the analogue tape recording format…

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Integrate 2015 – ICT meets AV in the MCEC

15 Oct 2015

The Integrate tradeshow made its way down south to Melbourne in August for the first time in its six year history. The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre suits the show well, with the vibe being almost exactly the same as InfoComm in Las Vegas, complete with casino next door. The standard of exhibit, technology and visitor…

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Review: RØDE NTR Ribbon Microphone

14 Oct 2015

A thing of beauty    Just occasionally something so beautiful lands on my desk I’m given cause to stop what I’m doing, and take time out just to admire it. In the case of the NTR I also felt the need to make everyone else in the office stop what they were doing too so…

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d&b audiotechnik partner meeting 2015: Festival Hall, Melbourne, 25 August

13 Oct 2015

d&b audiotechnik do things a little differently to other manufacturers, which is one of the reasons they’re the market leader in touring PA. The way they interact with their customers is also refreshingly unique, and their regular international Partner Meetings are a cornerstone of their strategy. Jason Allen spent the day with d&b at their…

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Roadskills: Imagine Dragons

12 Oct 2015

Imagine Dragons are on tour with their electrifying Smoke + Mirrors show that is as bright and flashy as their hometown of Las Vegas. The show at Sydney’s Qantas Credit Union Arena ignited the venue with a performance featuring showy visuals and drumming thunder. Lighting design is by Sooner Routhier with creative direction by Jesse Lee…

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