Amazing Expenses: Car Guy Clocks Up Costs

14 Jul 2015

Fiat Chrysler Australia’s former boss misused more than $30 million in company funds, the firm alleges. Now the car company (FCA) is taking action in the Federal Court against former CEO Clyde Campbell. Amazingly the guy lifted sales fairly significantly and presumably the 30 mill was all counted as cost of sales – until they…

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Road Skills: Spandau Ballet

12 Jul 2015

One of the most successful and influential British bands of the 1980s, Spandau Ballet, brought their ‘Soul Boys of the Western World Live’ Tour to Australia in May. Spandau Ballet’s ongoing revival as a live touring band continues with this elegant arena production designed by Woodroffe Bassett Design. A series of stacked rectangular lighting grids…

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Review: Martin MAC Quantum Profile

8 Jul 2015

Raising the bar for LED I ran an LED lighting demo early this year – it wasn’t a shootout because I had a number of very different types of fixtures.  The Mac Quantum Profile was one of them, and because it’s been quite a busy year, I’d forgotten just how much it impressed me at…

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Suits & Tech Collide – Don’t Buy A Business You Don’t Understand

7 Jul 2015

The ructions at Hills Limited last month, and the proposed sale of Staging Connections are symptoms of the chaos when big business goes where it should not. Guitar Centre in the USA is a golden example. Raped and pillaged by vulture fund Bain Capital, the massive US music store chain will never make a return…

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Margaret Court Arena – Outside In

7 Jul 2015

Margaret Court Arena, in Melbourne Park, started life in 1988 as an open air tennis court known as Show Court One.  Thanks to the $700 million Melbourne Park Masterplan, the outdoor court was bought inside with a retractable roof, just in time for the 2015 Australian Open, and renamed after the legendary Margaret Court, winner…

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Lid Closes – Case Co Sells Up

5 Jul 2015

For years Michael and Julie Malgo have built a huge variety of roadcases from their Chatswood factory. Now they are selling up, and the business represents a great opportunity for someone who is good on the tools. They make custom cases for virtually anything, and specialize in welded cases which come in rigidised, stucco or diamond finishes. Samuelson have regular…

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Review: RUSH Gobo Projector 1

2 Jul 2015

It took all of three minutes for the entire of the CX office to reach a consensus about the RUSH Gobo Projector 1, and the consensus is that we all think it’s great.  But why? I guess it’s important to understand the function of a gobo projector – most commonly they’re used for corporate branding. …

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January 1982 – how we did touring PA’s!

30 Jun 2015

These pictures were taken by Bob King in January 1982 on a series of Road Rocker shows that my production company handled. We were called J & C Grafton, as we were a couple. Caroline and I started the business in 1980, after I’d left Barratt Lighting, which I had run for about four years.…

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Mixing It Up: Avid S6L

28 Jun 2015

AVID’s new flagship live desk, the S6L, was so popular at PL+S that they had two of the new systems in a roped-off area that you needed an appointment to get in to. The decision-makers from the world’s biggest production companies were all in there through the show, pulling out their chequebooks and ordering what…

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Review: Robe CycFX

26 Jun 2015

Something different We’re sort of at a point now where LED is not only a practical and viable lightsource, but it’s starting to become the accepted norm for many applications.  Robe got onto the LED bandwagon pretty early on and their product line has matured well over time as a result.  Only a few years…

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Toolbox: GKL MA-PEQ M

25 Jun 2015

A fantastic new channel strip arrived here at The Mill a couple of weeks ago – which I’ve been giving a damned good flogging ever since…  The Canadian made MA-PEQ is an all-discrete, transformer-less single channel mic preamp and passive program equaliser housed in a single rack unit. Combining a high quality, powerful sounding preamp…

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Review: Midas M32R

24 Jun 2015

Lightweight digital with heavyweight performance I’m rather taken with the M32R.  I wasn’t too sure initially what to expect from it, but I think it’s fair to say whatever expectations I had were certainly exceeded. M32R is essentially an M32 which is rack width and includes rack rails in the box.  I’m not sure why…

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