15 Aug 2016

20 Questions with Alex Saad

Hosted by Cat Strom

Alex Saad is a dim sim connoisseur, lighting designer for some relatively unknown local, national and international acts, comedy through rock and roll and anything in between.

What are the three best things about your job?
Seeing my mates.
Seeing happy punters after a gig.
Watching/ listening to each act perform.


And the three worst things?
Leaving my family, even for one day.
Shit coffee.
Too much soya sauce.

What do you never leave home without when working?
My phone, my watch, my laptop, my USB sticks, my iPad, my in ears, my hard drive, my torch (even though it’s flat), my Bose head phones and my passport.

What was the worst nightmare you encountered on the road?
Losing power during a gig – twice – once with Nickelback, the other was The Wiggles. I don’t know which was worse (I do know actually).


What has been the strangest request from an artist?
A red light on the piano player’s feet, a phone book and 144 condoms.

Who was hell to work with (probably best not to actually mention name but allude to it)?
A: Me.
B:  An Australian singer songwriter back in the early 80s whose nick name was Ralph C. An English comedian, who is 76yo but grumpy all the time. Then again at 76, you’re allowed to be grumpy all the time.

What is the most stupid request you’ve had from a member of the public, artist or promoter?
Do you know where I threw my underwear?
Can I have the last dim sim?
Can you do the gig for nothing so I can send my child to Private school

In your opinion, what’s the best show you’ve worked on and why?
In no particular order: Flight of the Conchords, Icehouse, Bill Bailey ….. I just love the acts.

What is the most bizarre sight you have ever seen at a gig?
Cam Batten flashing his dick at every gig with Nervous at Midnight. He was the lead singer and every night during one song, he would drop his pants and his wanger would come out swinging. I swear it would hit the ground every night.

Who do you admire in the industry and why?
Flea, such a hard working dedicated guy.

Which venue is your favourite and why?
The Palais Theatre in Melbourne. I saw Jesus Chris Superstar with Marcia Hines and Reg Livermore, first gig I went to when I was eleven years old.

Which recent piece of production gear do you view as a game changer?
Mac 301, the LED wash with zoom.

What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done on tour?
Careful answer…… run around naked backstage after show.

What was the worst weather event you’ve encountered at an outdoors gig?
Wolfmother at Kryal Castle in the 2000s I think. It pissed down during load in, setup, sound check up to doors, then stopped for 2 hours then rained all during the out. Everything and everyone was wet!

What would your ideal rig contain?
Perfect haze and clear loud talkback.

Which band would you most like to work for and why?
Any band on a full time basis.

Do you have a favourite mantra to get you through the day?
No, but I love the Pullman Quay Grand in Sydney or QT Sydney.
A dim sim a day keeps you healthy in a number of ways.
Never say NO.

What do you think of the Australian live music industry at the moment?
Needs more medium sized venues 1000 to 1500 pax for bands to perform instead of depending on music videos for exposure.

If you could invent anything to do with lighting, what would it be?
Wireless power. Trussless rigging.

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Working on a grand prix team.


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