Led by Northern Republic venue operator Adam Palmer, a group of locals have long been planning a music festival for our area. Initially slated to run in October 2020, pandemic restrictions saw that date shunted. We re-settled on 27th March 2021 and put all our efforts into making that happen

Weta Workshop Unleashed uses three original film concepts, horror, fantasy and sci-fi, to showcase how physical effects and props are imagined and then created. The experience aims to unleash people’s aspirations “to make cool stuff”

Not everything is as it seems with the proposed Himalaya Festival, slated for late May at Sydney’s Olympic Park


Like any pursuit or profession, being in form is part of what makes a good mix engineer, live or in the studio. You always hear about cricketers and footballers being in form; well so it is with mixing

Novatech has been a long-term partner of the Thebby and saw the chance to upgrade the venue as part of their long-term support of the arts and live music. The installation was designed with touring acts in mind and what would be used on the majority of shows

I want to talk about the essential gear you need to run a high-quality backpack live stream that you can quite happily charge clients for and still have them come back for your services

This very special run of speakers is strictly limited to 50 pieces and will only be available through select QSC dealers around Australia

Director of PMLS, Nick Morse, says the company was after something to fill the role of a touring and hire rig with extended I/O, and chose the Quantum 338 after being wowed by its design features

Jands Power Control products have been used at all levels of production, including high school plays, blockbuster films such as The Matrix, countless international live tours and many of the world’s largest musicals

Under the alliance, both parties will leverage their respective resources with Woohah providing access to its collection of large-scale LED screens in combination with Fika’s Alchemy Pipeline realtime virtual production capability and content services

MusicKeeper and CrewKeeper are cash grants valued at $2,000 for individuals and $2,700 for families with dependent children. The grants are available to anyone working in the industry, from musicians, songwriters and publishers to crew workers, managers, promoters and journalists


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