A few ideas about keeping studio sounds and processes fresh by questioning convention, professional thinking, and how device A is plugged into thing B.

Simon Hodge works regularly with artists like Robbie Williams at festivals and stadiums where audio spill can be a real problem which is why he uses CEDAR DNS 8 Live.

From the experience creator who has designed festival stages around the world, Matt Chromatic invites you to explore the digital world of INAVERSE.

EAW RS Series

14 Jul 2020

Choosing a compact point-source loudspeaker system might be a bit easier with the arrival of EAW’s new RS series.

How Electric Canvas mapped the 60 metres high (and triangular) National Carillon for Reconciliation Week.

A recent multimedia art installation in Berlin showcased Robe fixtures and allowed online viewers to combine their own LX / video states.

Counting the Beans

9 Jul 2020

More than ever, it’s time to get your budgets sorted writes John O’Brien.

Queensland has published the first government policy that outlines rules, restrictions, permissions, and requirements for events with over 500 attendees

Bose Wins at Work

8 Jul 2020

Bose recently accepted two Best Of Show awards for Bose Work products.

Draw.io is a must-have free diagramming application for visual ideas such as stage plots, rack layouts, workflows and more.

The annual Event Summit will return to Sydney this October and will be free for event stakeholders for the first time in its three year history,


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