“They are amazing as a wash unit, and having the LED outer ring makes them look stunning as eye candy for back-of-stage looks.”

“Not every festival is dying! … The boutique EDM market is doing well. If you can find acts that cater for a particular audience, then you’ll do okay.”


24 Jun 2024

The Rivale really punches above its weight. For such a relatively small fixture it outputs a lot of light.

I fell afoul of my fellow students when I suggested that if they didn’t get a laugh out of ‘Hoges’ drying his underpants in a vertical griller, they had no sense of humour.

Mark chose iFORTES for multiple reasons including the intensity, the quality of the light output, the vitality and authenticity of the colours, and the excellent zoom and focus.

Show Control

19 Jun 2024

If this book is relevant to you (if you fit in the ‘who is this book for’ category) then this book represents excellent value for money.

Local character will be enhanced by one-off education sessions, with the program in each city now unique

“If you start a club like this, the main product has to be sound.”

“Guest engineers have been really happy with the PA. And the audience has literally been turning around and thanking me for the audio.”

This premier event showcasing professional AV and integrated experience solutions runs in Thailand at Bangkok’s Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) July 17-19

Only you have full control of your life, so look after yourself. You really do only get one shot at it.


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