Your goal is to send the remote caller everything MINUS their own feed, including the spill from the PA system getting back to them. That is it!

How, as a producer or engineer, can you involve yourself with such an elusive monster? You embrace it, or go get a job in a bank

For the first time ever, COVID forced the Mardi Gras Parade off of Oxford Street and into the SCG. Richard Neville of Mandylights details how they lit this historic event


Having decided to sell out and retire, Brownie is happy he has kick-started the business into the installation area, proving that even with a pandemic, Centrestate is resilient

The Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel are the perfect pairing for any theatre looking to successfully launch themselves into the modern day

Chameleon Touring Systems has purchased another 24 PanoramaIP AirBeam fixtures to add to the huge stock they already have in their inventory

Australian music legends The Sunnyboys took to the stage of the Sydney Opera House’s Joan Sutherland Theatre foe a one-night-stand in Dec 2020

This was nothing less than a world-class arena show, delivered to an exacting technical standard; all the more impressive when you consider it was put together in a matter of days, not weeks

“Super Constellations make a staggeringly dense and visually spectacular amount of smoke and flame on start-up. It’s definitely something you would not want to be breathing.”

Inside The Transfer Room

Andy Stewart describes his journey from musician to recording engineer, and more than three decades in production and recording

The partnership involves a range of benefits to the industry, including professional development and ongoing support


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