New d&b En-Snap software Version 3 enables positioning and editing of Soundscape objects

“The support provided by the Wellbeing Helpline has been a beacon of hope, offering assistance during difficult moments.”

A sell-out crowd witnessed the Arizona Coyotes take on Los Angeles Kings, at Rod Laver Arena, presented by MAX Events

Robosen’s robots are equipped with cutting-edge AI, delivering voice-activated experiences that “understand” users on a human level.

Robe iForte

4 Dec 2023

They are such a good general all-purpose fixture. The zoom on them is amazing, so when we need to do a framing shot, we utilise that.

Who’s for Hire?

4 Dec 2023

“There is no production vehicle quite so fast as the hire car.”


4 Dec 2023

We may not be using AI controversially to teleport dead bandmates into the 21st century, but I reckon we’ll be embracing it in countless other more practical ways.


4 Dec 2023

This meant there was effectively 30 concerts worth of equipment in play, with only one of them staying set up and patched.

“We wanted the spaces to be able to be completely customised to a client’s needs and for any external technology to simply plug and play.”

“Out of the box, the KSL sounds great and, depending on the space, only needs a few tweaks on the system EQ.”

“The addition of NETGEAR Pro AV products to our portfolio further expands our ability to supply even more comprehensive solutions.”


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