Everyone has latent power in them. Working out what it is and then unlocking that capacity is far from easy. Finding your personal superpower might take a lifetime, but is a worthy pursuit nonetheless.

Scott Jamieson has joined Group Technolgies to take “a deep dive into a series of systems and technologies that I’ve been passionate about for a good portion of my career.”

New dates are being finalised, are the organisers are optimistic about the October event


The funding applies to events from Dec 15 2021, right up to Dec 31 2022. Submissions from those seeking support are open now

Most of us understand over-current faults, but when it comes to earth leakage, we generally have little knowledge of what causes it, and that there is almost always earth leakage occurring in our rigs even when there is nothing wrong

Zoom’s Hardware Certification is the latest in the Bose commitment to bring smart, intuitive technology to the hybrid workplace

Perth’s Trevor Jalla keeps it simple with Adamson: “For my front of house PA system, I want to take the concept of point source as far as it can go while still staying one man, one van.”

Power to The People

10 Jan 2022

“Unify, Connect, Empower” is the motto of Melbourne manufacturing start-up ONEStage, a company dedicated to keeping the show going at the source – power and signal

What happens when you come across the inexperienced band that doesn’t quite know how to ask for what they need to make sure they sound their best?

Techs on The Beach

15 Dec 2021

Cali Beach is a day/night club four storeys in the air, ripe with the promise of cabanas, pools, luxury bottle service and pumping DJ tunes in the pool

A project needing patience, finesse, and some really, really, long masonry drill bits!


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