People who used to shy away from LED cans because they think they’re cheap or the physical look isn’t right are converted when they see the Stage Par 100

The look and physicality of the fixture is just like a Parcan, and there’s nothing cheap or gimmicky about them

The day raised more than $22,000, with donations totalling $18,000 going directly to the SupportAct Crew Fund, ensuring it reaches those crew needing it most


Artificially generated reverb is one of the most important tools…

The full-day event will welcome current and future leaders of the music community to face the challenges of the past, while looking to a future where psychological safety, mental health and wellbeing are at its core.

While some of what was finally announced will help businesses in the Event Industry, we are deeply disappointed by much of what has been announced

Rod is putting his formidable technical and industry experience to work to represent Green-Go through Events Communications Australia

The UDMs were the natural choice for their laser source, brightness, size, and robustness

The Bettercaster is a hard-wearing rack-mounted 2RU unit that will bond together up to 4X 4G LTE sim data connections, local Wi-Fi and a local Ethernet connection

Lighting designer Matt Marshall was delighted to be the first in Australia to use the T2s, having already used the T1 Profiles on various projects

To me, it seems they cause more problems on the days you don’t need them (which is 99.9999% of the time) than on that day you actually need them


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