Flames, lasers and lights fired up the night sky at the 2024 Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts in the UK as Arcadia launched its amazing new “Dragonfly”

Major national distributors and manufacturers of audio visual equipment will be joined across Australia by a diverse variety of single-city exhibitors and presenters this October at ENTECH

The main selling point would be that it is a bright LED hybrid moving head boasting exceptional output considering its size

Using two projectors would be much bigger than the ‘typical’ and often intrusive LCD screens and considerably cheaper than an LED wall.

They called me in Amsterdam and said ‘you want to come play with us?’ and I said ‘Of course!’

The designers determined the most appropriate way to deliver the interactive content to the display surface was through projection.

Over 3,100 participants entered the battle of the bands, the largest number to date, with audiences approaching 20,000


9 Jul 2024

I asked if they wanted a data projector and the response was “nah, we want one of those projectors over our heads!” OHP it was not…

Unlike many courses these days, the School of Cybernetics favours in-person learning and students have access to lecture theatres, ‘discussion labs’ and ‘build labs’.

A word of warning: if you look ahead at what’s coming down the road and you see a shiny robot with menacing red eyes… run!

“Michael Hassett our MD is always at the forefront of new technology, so we connected with the people at Hive in London. Our first deployment of the Hive servers was working with Hive directly and their team for the BBC Earth immersive experience in Melbourne,” notes Drew.


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