ISE 2024

22 Mar 2024

The Transparent OLED Revolution Takes Centre Stage at ISE

by Scott Anderson, Technical Director/Account Manager, Harry the hirer Productions

Fira de Barcelona, a sprawling exhibition space, served as the backdrop for an undeniable trend in 2024 – the dominance of Transparent OLED technology. This cutting-edge marvel wasn’t just a showpiece; it permeated every corner, embraced by manufacturers, commercial exhibitors, and professional AV enthusiasts alike.

The Transparent OLED displays were not just screens; they were interactive canvases. Manufacturers showcased the technology by displaying the very panels that powered its brilliance. Visitors engaged intimately, appreciating the fusion of form and function. The transparency, coupled with vivid visuals, provided an immersive encounter that left a lasting impression.

A standout application of Transparent OLED was the use of double or triple-stacked arrays. This configuration turned ordinary displays into captivating spectacles, with products appearing suspended in mid-air. The immersive nature of these setups drew crowds magnetically, underscoring Transparent OLED’s capacity to elevate the presentation of products and ideas.


A personal highlight was the creative use of Transparent OLED screens as foregrounds for front-lit products, enhanced with imaginative content. This seamless integration of technology and creativity showcased a harmonious dance between the physical and digital worlds. The potential for innovation sparked a cascade of ideas, particularly considering the availability of 55″ OLED screens for rental at Harry the hirer Productions.

In the realm of events and productions, Transparent OLED emerged as a game-changer. Its potential to redefine spaces and captivate audiences with dynamic visual displays was now within reach. As possibilities unfolded, the 55″ OLED screens at Harry the hirer Productions took on new significance, promising to transform events into unforgettable experiences.

However, amidst the technological marvel, one recurring theme resonated – content is king. The magic of Transparent OLED unfolded when paired with compelling, relevant content. The synergy between technology and content emerged as the key to unlocking Transparent OLED’s full potential.


Leaving ISE, the air buzzing with innovation, I carried a newfound appreciation for Transparent OLED technology. It wasn’t just a tool; it was a canvas awaiting captivating content. The year 2024 had unveiled the transformative power of Transparent OLED, and as we at Harry the hirer Productions embrace this technology, we look forward to creating immersive experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible. In the age of Transparent OLED, content reigns supreme.


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