10 Jun 2023

Absen announces new Absen Green initiatives to drive vision for a sustainable future

Absen Green sets new standards for sustainability and a clear pathway to a low carbon LED future

Absen, one of the world’s leading LED display brands, is pleased to announce a new round of initiatives to help drive the company forward into a fully sustainable future. Launched under its Absen Green banner, the company’s latest actions and plans include: signifcant milestones reached in the Absen Solar Panel Photovoltaic Project; a newly published Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy document; a new working partnership with the China LED Industry Association, as well as a carbon offsetting programme, plus the launch of an advanced energy-saving outdoor product range.

In 2016, Absen began its Solar Panel Photovoltaic Project with the installation of roof-mounted solar panels at its factory in Guangdong Province.  This first phase generates 200 kilowatts per hour and 650,000 kilowatts annually, which is 5% of the factory’s total electricity consumption.  The second phase installation, equalling 2500m² of additional solar panels, resulting in a six-fold increase in electricity generated. With this initiative, the company demonstrates its commitment to the continued use of renewable energy sources in the forthcoming years. Alongside this, Absen is also undertaking important work with the China LED Association to develop power consumption level standards for the industry.


First announced in November 2021, Absen Green brought together all the company’s environmental efforts under a single brand identity. This initial announcement declared Absen’s commitment to solely using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing of its products, alongside four technology manufacturing innovations that combine to break new ground in energy efficient, environmentally friendly manufacturing: the use of LED CRT technology, high efficiency power supplies, high luminous efficiency LED lamps and comprehensive heat dissipation measures that reduce power consumption. These practices continue to be fully integrated into Absen’s manufacturing processes which are now further complemented by the new sustainability commitments.

Published in September 2022, a comprehensive CSR document was revealed which sets out why the company’s aim to fulfil its social responsibilities is so important to its values, and how it will aim for carbon neutrality through green manufacturing, energy efficiency measures and environmental management systems. One of these important measures is a carbon offsetting programme of tree-planting, began in 2022 and set to continue through 2023 and beyond.

Absen has also recently announced the launch of the A Series outdoor LED product range.  This new flagship product is capable of 10,000nit high-brightness peak output alongside superior energy saving performance through its low power consumption and reduced heat dissipation. The Series has also been designed to offer clear and bright image visibility even in strong, direct sunlight. This excellent display quality, alongside low energy consumption and lasting durability, equals a longer life cycle than comparative products to make it the perfect LED solution for all types of premium outdoor applications.


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