10 May 2012

ADSL 2 – SPEED revelation!

Who would know? And as the crew at CX will sagely nod and wink, not me.

But tonight iiNet changed my home ADSL profile from ‘Safe’ to ‘Standard’, which answers the nagging problem of a sub 2Mb download speed.

The new ‘Standard’ profile promises 10 to 12 Mb – which is 5 times faster!

So I thought I’d share this vignette, which involves a couple of steps. First, run speed test:

Don’t engage the ‘Before you start’ sell-off link, just start the test. Then if your download speed (the one that matters) is around 2 mbps, dial your provider and ask the call centre person what it SHOULD be. Note my previous (somewhere) BLOG blasts against the pitiful, inhuman Bigpond call centre regime of last year where the poor person – literally I assume due to the bad line and poor command of empathy) had the audacity to assure me that 1.6mbps was perfectly acceptable, thank you mister Julius.

Faced with that blatant lie, we up-shipped or transported the Grafton family ADSL connection to iiNet, where the call centres are WAY more connective and where today they alerted me to the ‘profile’ issue. Which arguably they could have or should have sorted before now, but with better rates and a call centre that answers the phone and appears better educated than Bigpond, all is forgiven.

Be advised!


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