24 Oct 2023

ALIA Robbie Williams Tech Tour

The ultimate entertainer, Robbie Williams, is returning to Australia with his much-lauded XXV Tour and a whole new production team.

Production design is by the famous Paul Normandale with lighting director Glen Johnson on the road with the tour.

Glen has kindly agreed to conduct a tour of the staging and lighting design at Robbie’s second Melbourne show. This tour is primarily for students.

The rig includes:

21 x Ayrton Perseo Profile
18 x Martin MAC Viper AirFX
16 x MAC Aura XB
26 x TMB Solaris Flare
23 x GLP impression X4 Bar 20
32 x Robert Juliat Dalis 862
22 x ArenaCOB4 FC
8 x BB3
6 x ER EX-25
24 x Chauvet DJ PXL Bar 16
8 x Ayrton Argo 6 FX
4 x Robe Forte

24 x MAC Aura XB
28 x ArenaCOB4 FC
25 x Robe MegaPointe

MA3 full size + back up + MA3 light
5 x MA3 NPU + 2 x MA3 8port node

Date: Thursday, November 23rd
Where: AAMI Park, Melbourne
Time: 2pm – 3pm

If you’d like to attend this tour please send an email to with ROBBIE TOUR as the subject matter.
Please state where you are studying and if possible, send proof.


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