28 Aug 2023

Aussie artists and industry reveal all for new ‘Outside In’ video series

A stellar line-up of Australian artists and industry have taken part in a brand new video and portrait series, ‘Outside In’, launched late August to raise awareness of the state of mental health in the music industry.

Created by music photographer Jess Macc, Hustle Media and music charity, Support Act, the series features artists from a wide range of genres and backgrounds including Budjerah, Tania Doko, Dale Tanner (Ocean Grove), Catherine Alcorn, Jamaica Moana and Yorke, along with Rolling Stone editor-in-chief, Poppy Reid.

Jess Macc

Each participant is candidly interviewed by Jess Macc about their life and personal stories regarding the highs and lows of being a part of the Australian music scene. The videos and images will be released on social media weekly from the end of August, starting with artist, rapper and songwriter of Māori (Ngāpuhi/Tainui) and Samoan descent, Jamaica Moana.


Jess Macc, music photographer and interviewer for the series, explains: “There is no denying the effects that COVID has had on the music industry, and what we are seeing now is the aftermath. Many in the industry were essentially told they were “non-essential”, and that eventually takes a toll where mental health is concerned.

“Creating a safe place to share stories and experiences has been such an important part of this project. My hope is that no-one feels alone on their journey and that we all care for each other a little deeper.”

Clive Miller, CEO of Support Act, adds: “We all know that the mental health of many in the music industry is of concern, as our recent research(1) has shown, so to be able to get a sneak peek inside the lives of some of the industry players as they openly share stories about their own personal journeys around mental health is a fantastic step in raising awareness and encouraging others to be brave and reach out for support if they need it.


“We hope that the series will help to normalise conversations around mental health and also remind people that there is help if they need it. We encourage anyone seeking support to reach out to the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline on 1800 959 500.”

The Support Act Wellbeing Helpline is a free, confidential phone counselling service available to anyone working in Australian music or the arts by calling 1800 959 500.  The Helpline’s experienced counsellors are available to discuss anything from mental health and wellbeing issues to career concerns, financial management or conflict resolution.

Jamaica Moana, first episode

To watch the full series, visit the ‘Outside In’ page at or on socials.

(1)  Mental Health and Wellbeing in Live Performing Arts survey, May 2022


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