10 Dec 2012

Can this be the same structure at St Kilda?


December 10, 2012

We asked for info about this structure failure, and were amazed when a reader pointed us to The Age on December 4: “High winds have forced the organisers of St Kilda’s open air cinema to cancel tonight’s screening”.

“A spokeswoman for Openair Cinemas has hit back at suggestions that the screen fell over this afternoon, saying it was taken down as a “precautionary measure” due to high winds. ‘Due to unusually high winds we are temporarily bringing down the screen in St Kilda as a precautionary measure. The screen has not fallen over, but the extreme weather conditions have caused some buckling – this is what the structure is designed to do in adverse conditions,” said Sarah Steel. She said the screen, located near Jacka Boulevard on the St Kilda foreshore, had been certified by an independent engineer when it was installed and met all design certification to Australian standards.”

CX is confused. Is the picture above from the same event, on the same planet? Or are we on the wrong track (in which case we do not suggest anything untoward in the Age report)?
Interesting link here, suggests the comments from Openair Cinema may be slightly, umm, untrue?


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