The Gaffa Tapes: Kidz Biz

22 Jul 2022

“I really like the one about the octopus.”

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The Gaffa Tapes: Don’t shoot me, I’m only the sound engineer!

11 May 2022

Witnessing a waitress fleeing in tears after two off-duty Manila cops dumped bullets as payment on her serving tray was a stark reminder that I was working in a country with a gun control problem

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WOMADelaide 2022

8 Apr 2022

WOMADelaide is the most extraordinary live music environment I have ever experienced. It’s so fitting that this is the first major festival back as pandemic restrictions fade

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Foo Fighters, Friday 4th March 2022, Kardinia Park, Geelong, VIC

5 Apr 2022

They built it, and they came; all 36,000 live music deprived souls. Sadly, just three weeks later, Foo’s beloved drummer Taylor Hawkins would pass away

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Mad March – We’re Back, Baby!

16 Mar 2022

Gigs are back, touring is possible, borders are open, and we suddenly have A LOT of work to do

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Australian Road Crew Association Withdraws Its Music From Russia In Protest

28 Feb 2022

ARCA has notified the distributor of its in-house record label Black Box Records to withdraw from sale, download or streaming its entire catalogue of artist’s recordings within the Russian Federation

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Vale Colin Stevenson

15 Feb 2022

Col was irrefutably a TV audio pioneer, a guy who came from radio and was right there when television actually started

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The Gaffa Tapes: Fifty Ways To Lose Your Agent

11 Feb 2022

My first band gig was with a 17-year-old bass player who refused to wear shoes, and a stand-in drummer who’d drank half a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and took a loaded weapon into the venue.

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The Gaffa Tapes: Puttin’ on the Glitz

8 Dec 2021

To some, it might have been as much fun as a funnel web spider, but for me it was a fitting finale to go out amidst the glitz, glamour and complexity of cabaret in the Starlight Room at Wenty Leagues

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Ausmusic T-Shirt Day 2021 – Friday 19 November

3 Nov 2021

Today’s the last day to get your premium Ausmusic Day T-Shirt for Support Act!

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The Gaffa Tapes: A Dag on the Green

28 Sep 2021

Call me a late bloomer, but I was still winding film onto camera sprockets in the early 2000s, and I didn’t shoot my first digital concert for CX until 2011—one year before Kodak filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

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ULA Group turns 30!

14 Sep 2021

From making speakers and disco lightboxes in a garage to manufacturing in Europe and China and selling LED screens in 100 countries…

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