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Tech Talk: What’s All The Fuss About NDI?

29 Jun 2022

“Using NDI opens up a whole host of opportunities for broadcasters and Pro AV companies, and it does that by making the networking of video infrastructure more cost effective, more flexible and much easier to use,”

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Listen Here: Lots Of Gear… No Ideas

29 Jun 2022

The source of your art, what makes it unique to you as a human being, comes from within you, not from the latest plug-in or musical instrument

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How Do You Create Engagement at Hybrid Events?

24 May 2022

While combining the greater audiences of digital events with the greater audience interaction of physical conferences arguably gives you the best of both worlds, they inevitably also bring the worst of each, too

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Mixing Tips From Clubs To Stadiums

18 May 2022

One of the most difficult parts of working as a touring front of house engineer is maintaining a consistent sound from show to show. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you’re prepared for any situation

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Tech Talk: Elation Professional’s SpectraColor Explained

17 May 2022

SpectraColour uses not three or four flags, but seven: cyan, magenta, yellow, red, green, blue, and a variable CTO filter. The most immediate advantage this sort of system confers is that it allows red, green, and blue primary colours to be vastly brighter

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The Problems with Power, Part 3

28 Mar 2022

In this instalment we will look at how one seemingly innocuous device, commonly used in many lower cost PDUs, may cause untold damage to anything connected to that distro

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What The Hell Is The Metaverse?

8 Mar 2022

Thinking of shifting your event into the Metaverse? It might be better to wait…

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Particularly peculiar potential power problems, part 2

16 Feb 2022

Switch mode power supplies (SMPS) create earth leakage current (up to a maximum of 3.5mA per device), making them the nemesis of the RCD (Residual Current Device)

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With great power comes great responsibility

17 Jan 2022

Most of us understand over-current faults, but when it comes to earth leakage, we generally have little knowledge of what causes it, and that there is almost always earth leakage occurring in our rigs even when there is nothing wrong

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Power to The People

10 Jan 2022

“Unify, Connect, Empower” is the motto of Melbourne manufacturing start-up ONEStage, a company dedicated to keeping the show going at the source – power and signal

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Tech Talk: Capturing The Perfect Live Mix Using a Soundcraft Ui16 Console

15 Dec 2021

What happens when you come across the inexperienced band that doesn’t quite know how to ask for what they need to make sure they sound their best?

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Listen Here: Time To Switch On, Off And Over

9 Dec 2021

Any business that hasn’t considered where their power comes from, how they might use less or generate at least some of it themselves, is frankly, missing out financially

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