Tech Talk


4 Dec 2023

We may not be using AI controversially to teleport dead bandmates into the 21st century, but I reckon we’ll be embracing it in countless other more practical ways.

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What is Sound Masking and How Does it Work?

11 Jul 2023

Overall, sound masking technology is a powerful tool for improving the comfort, privacy, and productivity of various environments.

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10 Jul 2023

Far too many of us baulk at the prospect of generating excessive channel counts in our productions, even when our imagination suggests otherwise.

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6 Jun 2023

It is a versatile work horse fixture, more than capable of making up the backbone of any high-end lighting rig.

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30 May 2023

What if you could have made a 400% return investing in something you knew quite well?

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20 Apr 2023

If you head out there, and experiment again like you did when you were a child, without ego or expectation, you will discover sounds you never knew existed.

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The Martin Rush MH 6 Wash

16 Mar 2023

The Rush MH 6 was a good value for money wash light in its day. Although the fixture has now been discontinued, many are still in service.

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10 Mar 2023

Some of the coolest outcomes occur here without you needing to plan or contrive anything; it’s simply about listening out for a serendipitous moment in the arrangement.

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Why spending more initially can cost you less in the long run…

1 Mar 2023

Saving a few bucks on a product becomes a false economy when you’re forced to spend hours learning, troubleshooting and installing all by yourself.

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Increasing Cultural Inclusion at Multicultural Hybrid Events

31 Jan 2023

Inclusivity isn’t something that’s nice to have. It’s not an add- on. It’s got to be a core element of who we are.

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6 Dec 2022

Unreal Engine is quickly gaining popularity in a number of industries outside of gaming. For almost anything needing a quick and easy visual render, people are turning to Unreal

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Listen Here: Find My Direction Magnetically

1 Dec 2022

The industry is … a messy, often unregulated, non-compliant hodgepodge of jobs and skills that most people find themselves doing without necessarily having chosen

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