8 Aug 2018

Chameleon Touring Systems Finally Embraces Marketing

It will never happen they said.
In your dreams they said.
Not in my life time they said.

At last the lizard has shed its’ skin revealing a new website and considering the old one lists a MAC 250 as their hot new light, it’s certainly time.

There is even … wait for it … a Facebook page! Shocking. Rumour has it, there may even be an Instagram page soon.

To be fair, Managing Director Tony Davies has concentrated his efforts on building a hugely successful company and he never had time for that marketing malarkey. In fact 2018 marks Chameleon’s 30th Year in the business and they are still Australia’s No1 lighting company.

“I don’t like all that online media stuff and I hate Facebook,” said Tony. “However, after a good solid knock to the head, I’ve realized it’s a necessity.”

The new website features a comprehensive inventory list … without giving too much away to competitors, yes you know who you are … as well as a news section and stunning gallery.

This is a website that won’t herald old news, or fake news come to that, as it will be constantly updated by the incredibly talented Cat Strom, the mastermind behind this whole venture. Some say she must have something on Tony, but no, he’s just fed up with her nagging.

So check out the website, like our Facebook page and keep an eye out for 30th Anniversary celebrations!



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