27 May 2022

Client Liaison’s Divine Intervention at Metro Theatre

Client Liaison, the 1980s pastel-drenched synth-pop duo, led their disciples to the dancefloor of Metro Theatre in Sydney last weekend with their own Divine Intervention.

Ei Productions were in charge of providing a spectacular lighting show. Client Liason’s simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic blend of 80s and 90s house music, which they describe as “faux-fi”, lends itself to their corporate aesthetic and over-the-top pop production. Delivering stadium-sized looks on a Metro scale, the lighting rig was designed and operated by Josh Heron.

Fixtures in use included Elation SixBar 1000s, delivering cool eye candy effects in the background, while Acme Stage PAR 100 Warm White fixtures were used to provide that quintessential late-80s look, both in their colour temperature and retro style.

Rocking the stage with matching 80s tuxedos, the duo once again delivered a spectacular show, with the crowd dancing their hearts out to their funky tunes.


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