26 Sep 2013

Cornerstone: Biamp Systems’ new technical support knowledgebase

The knowledge of Biamp’s Apps Engineering team in a now housed in highly searchable, self-help repository they’ve dubbed Cornerstone.

With the launch of Cornerstone, the knowledge and expertise of Biamp’s applications engineers will be available 24/7 online. As an additional support tool, customers will now be able to locate relevant information about their projects and equipment in a single, highly searchable location. Cornerstone content will include Biamp-specific information in the form of articles, white papers, tech notes, data sheets and tutorial videos.

Information on the site will include product-specific configurations, best practices, and industry-related insights. Knowledge of concepts such as VoIP, AVB, distance conferencing, and networked audio will also be addressed at length.

The site will be dynamic, with regularly updated information and active involvement from the Applications Engineering team. You can find Cornerstone at under Support.


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