9 Jun 2023

CrewCare announce: A Pathway to Jobs in Live Music: The Weasle Eicke Scholarship 2023

Victorian Minister for Creative Industries, Steve Dimopoulos has announced a $190,000 grant for CrewCare to roll out their A Pathway to Jobs in Live Music: The Weasle Eicke Scholarship program:

“Victoria is the creative state and hundreds of thousands of workers power our $34 billion creative economy.”

“We’re growing our creative workforce and backing workers to develop their skills, build their careers and deliver the experiences that make Victoria so unique.”


CrewCare wish to acknowledge and thank the Victorian Government for their ongoing commitment to the many businesses and live music workers who contribute so much to the Victorian gig economy.

About The Scholarship

A Pathway to jobs in live music: The Weasle Eicke Scholarship 2023 (WES), is a revised initiative of the 2022 program delivered by CrewCare based on the successes and response of last years’ program.


The program will be delivered by the CrewCare WES team in partnership with multiple tertiary educators and Australia’s leading production providers through facilitating training and job opportunities.

Our successful applicants will receive a stipend of $100 per day for each of the 10 training days. For our regional students, they will also receive $100 per night towards their accommodation costs while attending the training days in Melbourne. Whilst undertaking work experience, trainees will receive relevant award rates.

“The approach to curriculum and teaching this program takes should be of interest, not just to other State Governments, but also to Higher Education institutions of all kinds. The pedagogy is not only practical and professionally embedded, it is also relational, with the potential for lifelong mentorship built into it from the very beginning.” Professor Emeritus Phil Graham (School of Business and Creative Industries, UniSC).

Apply Here :


Specifically designed to develop skills and experience for students studying Live Production and Sound Production from Tertiary Institutions, and to upskill casual workers from crewing companies.

With practical experience and networking opportunities the program will ensure participants succeed as future leaders in the live entertainment industry.

This is an equal opportunity program that is designed to encourage and provide opportunities for a diverse range of people in creative industries. The program will elevate these students and workers to fill existing job vacancies with these leading production suppliers.

“The Weasel Eicke Scholarship Program fills the gap between education and vocational experience, preparing participants to take on employment with a ready built network of mentors and employers.” Andrew McKinnon (CrewCare Board Chairman)

“A Pathway to Jobs in Live Music: The Weasle Eicke Scholarship has been a great opportunity for RMIT VE’s Diploma students, studying Live and Sound Production skills. It proved that formal training integrated with industry, amplifies the offering for early career people, combining the best of both worlds.

As we train others, we can slow down and teach principles like design, networking, power and colour theory; and on-the-job multiplies the problems and solutions in real-time. It is rewarding to see graduates develop and land professional (technical) roles in production whilst they finished off their qualifications.

The Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services, and the Diploma of Music Industry Sound Production, are in full support of collaborating with industry and CrewCare in 2023, (and beyond) to continue to benefit a wide range of careers in Live Music and Performance.” Deb Hatton and John Phillips (RMIT VE Program Coordinating team. (Live Production and Sound Production))

The flow on effects from the COVID-19 pandemic saw a mass exodus of skilled workers sustained from 2020. Employers estimate employment numbers of skilled workers are currently down by 40% compared to pre-pandemic levels. The quantity of shows being scheduled is also greater than ever before to compensate for the shortfall sustained from lockdowns. This has led to immense delivery pressure for crew with fewer experienced leaders on site to oversee new staff.

CrewCare foreshadowed this situation in 2020 which led to partnering with Creative Victoria and leading production suppliers, tertiary educators, and arts organisations.

CrewCare successfully delivered:

• The Assisted Music Business Industry Training (AMBIT) 2020. Designed to up-skill technical crew during COVID. Training modules were completed by 385 attendees.

• The Weasle Eicke Scholarship (WES) pilot program in 2022.

CrewCare is extremely proud of the success of the WES program, which has achieved amazing results for participants.

An impact summary of the 2022 program

85% of trainees have been offered ongoing, regular work within the live music industry. 22% have been employed full time.

These employment figures demonstrate what the program has achieved and underpins the confidence to take the program forward.

Graduate Destinations Participants have been employed in the following business servicing venues and festivals across Victoria and nationwide:

WooHah, Gig Power, Bakehouse, MCEC, Resolution X, Audio Engineer Melbourne Venues, Marriner Theatres

“CrewCare is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.”

“There certainly has been a disconnect between inexperienced or new staff wanting to break into the industry and established suppliers. This program really closed that gap and allowed us to engage with one another and not only train those needed skills but address the industry’s staffing shortages.

We’ve now happily engaged 5 of the trainees into our casual staff pool, working in both our onsite production work and our warehouse environment. To welcome them into our business knowing they’ve had not only the specific training with us but spending time with some of our well-respected industry partners made that recruitment decision a very easy one, and it’s paid us back in spades with a couple of these staff becoming consistently booked by our team.

It was cathartic process for Resolution X, to stop and take stock and really identify the skills that are needed for lighting in the industry and get back to basics with our training.

After the COVID shutdowns I think we all had to really dig deep and remember what made this industry so desirable to us many years ago. To see the next generation coming in with this program and getting that same kick out of lighting, like we all once had, was nice for our crew to experience with them. We couldn’t have been prouder of our involvement and so thankful to the CrewCare team who brought this together. It’s been a win/ win for everyone involved.” Jamie Russell (Senior Manager, Hire & Production ResolutionX)

About CrewCare

CrewCare is a volunteer not for profit organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of all production workers in the live music industry sector.

CrewCare is a company limited by guarantee. It is governed by a board of 14 directors, all industry veterans, whose remit is to represent the wishes of its member stakeholders.

CrewCare aims to provide Support, Advocacy, Fundraising and Education to our members and all those working in a highly stressful Industry.

RIP Weasle

About Wellesley “Weasle” Eicke

This wonderful scholarship is named in honour of a beloved industry leader and veteran Wellesley “Weasle” Eicke who prematurely left us in 2021.

Weasle was an accomplished lighting operator and technician who committed his career to lead Australia’s longest serving crewing company, Gig Power.

His work ethic was outstanding and the standards he expected of his staff were the same. He led from the front. Often when running crews of 100 casuals, he could still be found teaching a newcomer how to roll a multicore into a road case or the best way to pack a truck.

He was a true champion of bringing all people along for the ride. Weasle worked with literally thousands of people over the years, his enthusiasm and guidance helping them on their path in the industry. This program is an embodiment of everything Weasle stood for and what he displayed in his professional life. The scholarship is a fitting tribute to an industry great who was taken too young.

“The Weasle Eicke Scholarship will advance workers and students in Live Music to direct employment opportunities while honouring a much-loved industry leader, says Andrew McKinnon, CrewCare Foundation Director. “CrewCare is pleased to have the Victorian Government’s support as we work to address the critical skill shortage the live music workforce faces as it rebuilds to operate at full capacity.”

CrewCare acknowledges the Traditional owners of the place now called Victoria, and all First Peoples living and working on this land. We celebrate the history and contemporary creativity of the world’s oldest living culture and pay respect to Elders – past, present and future.


Link to Application Form:

Link to Minister’s Media Release: Victorian Minister for Creative Industries, Steve Dimopoulos

2022 Attendees

Feedback from 2022

Feedback from a few of the trainees in the 2022 WES program: “The Weasle Eicke Scholarship was brought to my attention during my tertiary study in audio engineering at RMIT. I knew I wanted to work in the industry, but had little understanding of all the different avenues to find work within it. I was fixated on the idea of working in audio, however being accepted to take part in the first Weasle Eicke Scholarship allowed me to discover a new passion within the industry – Video. In January, 2023, WooHah offered me full time employment as a systems technician, which I didn’t hesitate to accept. It is simply unbelievable how much of an impact CrewCare has had on my life, and I would genuinely recommend this program to anyone looking to begin a career or understanding in what working in live production consists of. Steven Pierrakos

“While studying Live Production at RMIT I was able to be involved in a scholarship program run by CrewCare which assisted in providing opportunities to develop and further my career during and after my studies.

CrewCare in providing this program have helped me navigate different pathways in the live music/events industry to find one that aligned with my interest and skills. CrewCare provided contact with professionals working in the industry, enabling me to form industry connections and secure a job.

The program with CrewCare assisted me in securing a job at Woohah where I am now working as a system technician. My job at Woohah allows me to continually learn and upskill through training and working, both in Victoria and at events across Australia.” Claire Sullivan

“Last year, when I was finishing the Sound Production course at Melbourne Polytechnic, I was one of the twenty students in Victoria selected by CrewCare to participate in a ten-day scholarship called “A pathway to jobs in live music – The Weasel Eicke Scholarship”. This program helped me to understand from the bottom up, the process of each area to make a live event: audio, lighting, video, visuals, and ticketing. As part of the program, I had the opportunity to work approx. 80 hours at Bakehouse Studios between August and December/2022. It was a fulfilling experience where I could learn how to do maintenance in a studio environment, cleaning mixing desks, fixing mic grilles, test cables, tag gear, counting equipment, setting up the rehearsal rooms, etc. The main goal was to ensure the comfort and quality of the studio experience for all customers and staff. The WES program assisted me in securing a position as Maintenance Technician at Bakehouse. To be surrounded by local and international artists, working in special events hosted by Helen Marcou and Quincy McLean, and the excellent team Bakehouse Studio has, is a goal checked in my bucket list. If you read everything, I hope you keep following your dreams and trust your instincts – it’s indescribable to make dreams come true! My heart is so thankful for all the opportunities coming up! Working in the Australian music industry is a significant achievement as an immigrant.” Juliana Vieira


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