30 Nov 2023

Crowded House and ARCA

Crowded House Continue Phenomenal Support of Road Crews in Crisis with 2-CD Set

The highly acclaimed pop-rock band with a magnetic stage presence, quirky humour and a massive global following are collaborating with the Australian Road crew Association (ARCA) by releasing an amazing 2 CD set “Crowded House LIVE ’92–’94” which is due for release on December 1st, 2023.

Pre-orders now available, with the 2 x CD set due for worldwide release on December 1st.

Below is a direct pre-order link for fans. Please note, all orders will be shipped from Sydney via Australia Post and international postage rates will apply to those outside of Australia.

Shipping times will vary depending on where the order is placed from and we will do our best to have your order delivered asap.

The 2 CD set is released through the Australian Road Crew Association’s (ARCA)’s Black Box Records through MGM Distribution, all major record stores and on all major streaming services.

ARCA raises funds and resources for Support Act’s Roadies Fund to provide financial, health, counselling and well-being services for roadies and crews.

Crowded House LIVE ’92–’94.


  • Neil Finn            vocals/guitar
  • Nick Seymour    vocals/bass
  • Paul Hester        vocals/drums
  • Mark Hart          vocals/guitar/keyboards


  • Angus Davidson               Sound Engineer
  • Bruce Johnston               Sound Engineer
  • Paul Le Page                    Monitors
  • Dave Harding                  Lights (Digital)
  • Steve Swift                      Lights (Analogue)
  • Dugald McAndrew          Stage
  • Paul Guthrie                    Stage
  • Craig Bird                         Stage


  • Part 1                                                                        Part 2
  • 1 Kare Kare                                                               1 Recurring Dream
  • 2 It’s Only Natural                                                    2 There Goes God
  • 3 Distant Sun                                                            3 World Where You Live
  • 4 Mean To Me                                                          4 Love You ‘Til The Day I Die
  • 5 Whispers And Moans                                           5 Into Temptation
  • 6 Locked Out                                                            6 Black And White Boy
  • 7 Don’t Dream It’s Over                                            7 Private Universe
  • 8 Pineapple Head                                                    8 In The Lowlands
  • 9 Log Cabin Fever/Catherine Wheels                     9 You Can Touch
  • 10 Sister Madly                                                        10 I Feel Possessed
  • 11 Love This Life                                                      11 Nails In My Feet
  • 12 In My Command                                                 12 Italian Plastic
  • 13 Chocolate Cake                                                   13 Four Seasons In One Day
  • 14 Hole In The River                                                14 Weather With You
  • 15 Fingers of Love                                                   15 Fall At Your Feet
  • 16 Better Be Home Soon                                         16 When You Come

Thanks to Youri Lenquette for the rear cover photo, Nick Seymour for the Crowded House, Brooklyn Projects and Dugald McAndrew drawings, Phil Dracoulis and Mark Woods for the mastering and Crowded House for supporting roadies and crew.


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