7 Feb 2014

CX Lawyer Ross McGlynn taken by Prostate Cancer

CX Network mourns the passing of our favorite lawyer Ross McGlynn today in Sydney.

Ross practiced in commercial and financial law since 1973. He was uncommon in his diligence, commitment and care and also didn’t ascribe the common legal practice of the six minute block. His invoices were realistic and occasionally CX would inquire as to whether they covered the whole matter, as they were so reasonable.

But it wasn’t the money, it was the man. With a diverse and sometimes complicated brief he always applied great sense and sensitivity to our matters. He became a friend, one who navigated life in a very determined and honorable way.

Horrifically Ross was diagnosed too late with Prostate cancer, well after it had escaped and invaded his bones. He endured terrible times last year, and was released from the hospice for Christmas with his family. He had a grand piano, and loved to play at all hours.

He said if he had his time again he would have had regular checkups, but he prided himself on being the fittest guy in the room, and never having a sick day. CX publisher Julius Grafton will deeply miss his counsel and his friendship.



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