30 Jan 2020

CX Magazine is Under New Management!

Exit Julius Grafton, enter Jason Allen

One of the longest continuous publishing era of any entertainment technology media company anywhere ended January 1st 2020 with the sale of Juliusmedia, CX Magazine, and CX NZ to Jason Allen’s VCS Creative Publishing Pty Ltd.

Publisher and owner Julius Grafton commenced publishing in 1990 with the Jands company magazine Channels. In 1993 the independent magazine Connections emerged changing the name to CX in 2003. Over 29 years Grafton has published 309 issues containing 22,966 pages and 6,889,800 words. Some were misspelled.


The sale was effective on January 1st, 2020 with all subscriptions, advertising, and contributors now transacting with VCS Creative Publishing Pty Ltd. The price was not disclosed but Grafton said it was less than a Rolls Royce and more than a Ford Focus. Readers and clients of Juliusmedia Group Pty Ltd will notice low to no real difference in the first edition of 2020, due February 1st.

Jason Allen has edited CX and the media output of Juliusmedia Group since January 2018 with little input from the publisher. Julius Grafton owns and operates ENTECH Roadshow (Australia and New Zealand), Julius Partners Advisory, and is a partner in SECTECH Roadshow and House of Soul Australia representing ‘Hindley Street Country Club’. These businesses will continue under his ownership.

Commenting on the sale, Grafton said “Jason is several decades younger than me, and is at least ninety eight percent smarter! He has a modern media mind and better technical assimilation than I do.”

“He has a strange knack for diplomacy and his enthusiasm and commitment to these quality media assets meant there was no one else more qualified to take over the group. I know it will evolve with the times and carry on with the things that I championed – better production values, advocacy for people working in the industry, show safety, and transparent fearless journalism.”

“I started reading Connections back in 1993,” commented Jason Allen, “and it’s always been there, educating and entertaining me on my journey through the industry. When I left my role in management with a distributor to start my own business seven years ago, Juliusmedia went from being one of my suppliers to one of my first customers, and rapidly became my best. My working relationship with Julius thrived, and I found myself going from contributing articles to writing and directing a web TV show, which somehow led me to being on camera, in character, in a silly wig. When Julius appointed me editor back in 2018, I happily took on the task, and have been seriously enjoying the totally free reign I was given to transform the business.”

Jason is dedicated to protecting the legacy of 29 years of publishing, while expanding and improving the magazine into the next decades. He looks forward to continuing the strong working relationship he has already built with the readership, the magazine’s contributors, and its advertisers, who, he is reliably informed by Julius, must now be taken out to dinner somewhere nice.

Juliusmedia Group Pty Ltd will terminate trading following the orderly transition of all media assets to VCS Creative Services Pty Ltd. Long serving Juliusmedia business manager Steve James will assist with the transition and then work full time on the various Juliusmedia Events entities like ENTECH, SECTECH and ENTECH NZ.

Contact details for VCS Creative Publishing Pty Ltd:

PO Box 1045

Ascot Vale, VIC, 3032

Phone: 0407 735 920


Contact details for Juliusmedia remain unchanged.


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