Channels 4 May 1991

1     EVENT lighting console: Jands targets the export market
1     JBL Build a Coax: The wait is over
1     Lid shuts on Bonza Boxes
2    AUX 1: Gossip galore
2    Circuit Tube – new aluminum extruded LX bar w/internal wiring potential
3    PRODUCTION SPOTLIGHT: Margaret Ulrich Live
4    HELP! COLUMN: new Perreaux 8000B seems ‘quieter’ than my Yamaha P2200. Why?
4    Trucking Blues: Not so hidden costs for production companies
4    GLOSSARY – The ABC of Light and Sound: “D”
8    Unusual Solutions: PA People in the Park for The Festival of Sydney
10  BANGS AND FLASHES: use of gas tanks in LX and staging; goodbye Welland & multi-pin; cheap fog machine
12  GREAT MISTAKES: Party Pooper Plus! by Paul Christie, manager Party Boys; 3rd octave confusion