Connections 101 August 2002


14 2002 FIFA World Cup – tales from a great gig

18 Spirit of the Dance – an ELS touring rig

20 Rigging Line Arrays

24 Club PA – a GREAT installation

30 Display Testbed: Yamaha DPX-1 Projector

32 MARKET REPORT: Analogue Mixers

32 MARKET REPORT: Intelligent Lighting


7 Apple Swoops on Emagic; Connections Courses shift from TAPE to Theatres

8 Facility Heads Confirmed for NT Conferences

9 Traditional vs High Tech: The Lighting Evolution Begins? ; Up to 40% of ALL IEC leads could be faulty

11 Major Function One purchase by Norwest

12 Nova in Melbourne built from scratch; HELS – New lighting distributor sets up shop; TAG moves to old factory; Sherrit Audio installs Brass Monkey; Off-Site Connections – Cairns event management; Digigram buys lnnovaSON

Regular Features

10 Letters and Email

52 Tracking Guide

54 Classifieds

55 Daze of our lives: 30 Years of Rock Lighting and Sound with Grahame ‘Yogi’ Harrison and Julius Grafton

57 Deep Fry – I Want My MP Free