Connections 105 January 2003

16    d+b audiotechnic  Getting to know the top German PA brand
18    Where now for Vari*Lite? The brand is sold off. We go inside Vari*Lite and report.
21    Garry Kayye’s AV Predictions   He is usually always correct
24    Mastering for beginners   Great tips!
30    John Farnham’s Last Time tour: Lights – Sound – Vision!
40    Red Hot Chilli Peppers   The art of the sound, the art of the lighting. In depth!
44    Market Report: Big PA speakers  Huge index.
52    Projector shoot-out
54    Lighting Control Market Report   All the consoles.
62    Studio Tracking Guide  With Studio Awards!
66    Duncan Fry   10 Years After. The joy of CX