Connections 16 August 1994

7 News: Troy Balance to Quit Concerts; Yamaha’s CDSP LSI chip upends digital mixing with Pro Mix 01; Soundcraft’s new console DC-2000
8, 9 Editorial: Developments in pro audio, new technologies bring complexity but opportunities still there for turn-key products/systems; Business travel advice
48 Dynalite sales into Asia $1Mil
49 Show Technology seminar a hit; LSC Debut Touring Dimmer
78 Gov funded music bodies under review: Music Industry Advi­sory Council, AUSMUSIC, and Ex­port Music Australia

12 New Audio
18 Aux 2: Gossip
20 Letters & Abuse
28, 30 Production Hire News; International
33 Performing Arts News
39 Studio pages: Disctronics expand; ISDN
38 Workbench with Howard Jones: Intermittent Faults
40 Ex-Track: Studio Roundup with Caroline Grafton
42 Mastering with Paul Bryant: Types of Mastering Formats
44 BASF Studio Tracking Guide
52 Peter Kemp: Lighting – Too Many Conferences and Magazines?
54 Classifieds
58 Duncan Fry: The Call of Nature
59 Contracting News: Aquatic Centre [story obscured in scan process]
78 Music Industry Update – News, Products
80 Social Page: photos from Pro Light and Sound Asia ’94: Jeremy Collins, Graham Eales, Simon Garrett, Sperry Gruppetta, Peter Twartz, Steve Bray, Ian Woodhouse, Sean Kerrigan, Steve Abigail, Stephen Draper, Neale Mace, Paula Millstone, Denise T– LDI Mag, George & Donna Mantoan, David Croxton, David Firestone, Richie Mickan, Peter Kemp, Alan Gregory, Paul Mulholland, David & Colin Park, Alan Gregory, Pat Cahill, Bob Doyle, Robert Lingfield, Scott Lucas, Hayden Brennan, Andrew Sherar, John Gunton, Jonathan Ciddor.
81 Nightclub/DJ Section: Metro – Melbourne
98 The PA Page: The CORRECT circuit.

16 Profile: Rob Nicols

22 Pirates – Critics bag the show and it sells out. (photos of David Greasly, David Gurney)
24 Micky Mouse on Tour (photo of Steven Martz FOH)
26 UB40 on tour – where are we today?
63 Pink Floyd – Division Bell Tour