Connections 55 June 1998

Industry News
7 Sydney Entertainment Centre 15 Years Old showbiz, with Arthur Carruthers
13 Jacqueline Molloy Goes to Shanghai: PLASA Shanghai reviewed

32 Digital Mixers: Claim and Counter Claim by Julius Grafton
22 Cables & Connectors for Computer Video by Gerry Raffault

68 Rosco Horizon
84 Altman Shakespeare
26 Steinberg Wavelab v1.6 by Andrew Broadhead
86 Clay Paky stage Range
28 Lab.Gruppen 4000 amp by Sid Kidman

45 The Boy from OZ: Audio
47 The Staging of Grease
60 On Tour with The Whitlams
55 Sydney Dance Company’s Salome

Buyers Guides
54 Live Mixers
78 Profiles, PC Spots

74 Profile: Russell Boyd DOP
80 Theatre/TV: Hessie’s Shed

16 Theatre News
18 NEW – Audio Visual News
36 How to do it: Tom Misner – Studio reference levels pt5
37 How to do it: With Duncan Fry