Connections 62 February 1999


5 MP3, MP4. Finally internet music transmission gets fast enough. So the Record Co’s fight it
6 Industry News
9 Pro Audio News


10 REVIEWED: Tascam TM-D1000 & Yamaha 01V budget digital mixers
16 REVIEWED: Soundtracs DPC-Il surround mixing console
20 Sound for The Ashes. Dealing with The Barmy Army. Nine crew mix the ‘thwack… !’
42 Duncan Fry
94 The PA Page: with Michael Orland


24 Too much bass! (Never!) The Feature
31 Build your OWN bass cannon!
34 COMPARED: 3 Powered Nearfield Monitors
43 A/V & Hire Company Directory – 16 pages


39 HOW TO DO IT: Live Sound explained
40 BASF Tracking Guide: who’s recorded what?
61 Tom Misner’s Studio How-To-Do-It
63 Buyer’s Guide: Studio Monitors


65 Our new Production section, with ALL the latest news from touring to theatre starting with Blondie
66 Rough Riders
68 Rock Pig: the column thinking people hate
69 The Toot Toot show (Wiggles) – A Critical analysis


74 Lighting That PIG
78 Introduction to Television Lighting
80 The role of the GAFFER
83 DETAILED: Major Lighting Consoles
90 Fox Film Studios: The Lighting Verdict
92 Buyer’s Guide: Truss, rigging, flying