Connections 64 April 1999

5    Moves, Births, Issues, Events etc.
8    Letters: Readers tell us what they think
11   Pro Audio News: Monthly

11   COVER STORY: Olympic Stadium audio system
24  VHF wireless confusion: heading for UHF
26  Microphones: Tips, Technology, and Techniques By John Matheson

35 BASF Monthly tracking guide. Who is recording where and with what?
36 Duncan Fry: Alienates jazz lovers everywhere
38 How to do it: Live Sound Mixing 39 How to do it: Studio Sound with Tom Misner

40 AV & Presentation News: Monthly
40 Inside Staging Connections
40 Panasonic AstroVision: Huge screen
43 Grab Bag: Dr G details Those Gadgets
46 Control: Gary Kayye on simplicity
53 Huge Buyer’s Guide: Audio processors

57 Jewell, Shania Twain, silverchair
64 Bluurkk. Beef on parade. Sad gits.

69 LSC to restructure
70 Tech Talk: Understand those spec sheets
74 Lighting control. The market overview of small desks
84 Buyer’s Guide: Film & location lighting