Connections 66 June 1999

11 Music convention a hit!
11 Enter the BIG projectors
14 Letters: Film Sound reaction
18 Letters: The Blue Mac defended
20 New Products special
27 Earthing Audio: John Matheson explains
34 AV: OptiScreen debut
34 Pro Stage Australia: a new portable stage
36 Digigami Releases MegaPEG 2.0
38 New projectors
42 Shackles: New safety and rigging column
42 Gadgets, gizmos and devices

46 Studio news and roundup
51 Duncan Fry: Bring back Cheech and Chong!
52 Buyers Guide: live mixing consoles
52 How to do it: Live Sound and Microphones
56 How to do it: Tom Misner on tape formats
58 Billy Bragg and The Blokes local LD, imported
Sound Designer and, most importantly, locally hired gear

58/62 Theatre News, Movers and shakers, darling
60 Legend! Stan Miller mixes Neil Diamond
62 Punter’s Perspective: Chicago and all that jazz
64 Book Review A look at ‘Stages For Tomorrow’

69 LX News Martin Sold, High End changes distributor
70 H2o and kWs Gaffer Mick Morris, a 6m shark and lots of water
74 Market Overview: Connections looks at what is available in Moving Head Washlights
84 Lighting Deep Purple in something other than purple
85 CDA al fresco another industry showcase!
86 Tech Talk What Temperature is a Colour? Buyers Guide Profiles & PC Spots Plods)