Connections 78 July 2000

5      Venues fight to the death (there are too many!): Sydney to say goodbye to Her Majesty’s as Casino bites
5      Royalty battle won in court. John Prior tastes victory: Tips for young players: be sure to register your song!
8      Shootout: we pick the best new projectors, at the LA show: We fearlessly choose the best from all the categories. Read on…..
9      Life after the Olympics not so happy
10    Mackie introduce first new desk of its kind in four years
10    New AV trends emerge at Infocomm
16    Pioneer go PLASMA in a big way
18    More rock, less cafe as Hard Rock Cafe goes Turbo for the bands
20    Renkus Heinz returns to Australia
22    101 Collins street: anatomy of a big outdoor lighting job
26    Flashram recorder: new
28    Pani film scroller
28    Peavey debut new Cobranet devices
28    LSC announce iPro is shipping

32    Crank up the volume! PA at the Soccer
42    Ricky Martin! This is one show to see! We preview the tour in London
48    A lamp is a lamp – right? Wrong!
52    Piaf plays to packed houses
52    NZ Report
55    Water powered searchlights: how to make them!
56    Big Gig: how Hyundai launch their range

60    Women in the industry
61    Rigging
62    Colonial Stadium: the PA works as as advertised.
64    Things the books don’t tell you. Graham Walne
66    How to do it: Live sound series
67    Slava’s Snow Snow: winter hit
71    Black Inc Studio goes Artemis
73    Studio News
73    BASF Tracking Guide
78    Duncan Fry – on airlines