CX 24 Nov-Jan 2007

6     Live Performance Australia entertainment figures reported, equates to diverse and fast growing audio and vision market, yet skilled graduates short on ground; we can do better in providing skilled people, promoting the industry as a vocation and being proactive about career pathways

8      Telstra Deluge Prompts Review
10    Staging Sets Sail with Kenny
12    Staging calibrates Staff, Acquires Dubai Gearhouse
12    New Venue Design Consultancy
12    Hairy Lermons Get Slice of Audio-Technica
14    Fallen Operator Recovering
16    Meyer Redefine Venue Acoustics with Constellation
16    Mcre AT Loudspeakers
18    Yamaha add CAT5 option to Consoles
18    Peel AV Steps Up
22    CMI Contour Array Launch
23    Generation Church goes to the Forefront
24    KUDO Inventory Continues to Expand in Australia
24    Tannoy Adds IDP Technology to Precision Monitors
24    Audio-Technica join with Planetshakers
26    Bytecraft Buys Kinesys Automation System
26    ULA Opens Sydney Office
27    Premier Lighting Fails
28    Bosch Praesideo
29    New Robe 700
30    TDC Escalate as Live Video Runs Hot
31    Public Review of DMX512 Cabling Standard Extended
31    ESP Vision Signs with Bytecraft
32    Robert Juliat Upgrades Lancelot
32    Titanic – The Musical
32    Madison go Clock
32    Audio-Technica’s Eight for the Road
35    Culture Club Return?
36    Hartley Peavey’s Still Rocking Hard
37    Metropolis Falls

44    Enter the Green Era: How much does it cost to run our shows? Rude shock warning…
50    SOUNDSOURCE: Guitars for sound people – The Basics
68    LITES: Illumination inflation – But it goes to 11!

40    Bose redefine sound stage
58    Digidesign D-Show
64    Edirol V-440HD

38    Letters
70    Duncan Fry – Buy These Products or Else
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