CX 42 April 2009

6  Pain at Staging Connections * Economics of regional theatre tour * Won’t unpack a high stacked load * Beyond 100dB not necessary * MAC v Windows again *

8    GOOD NEW ACTUALLY EXISTS! Media generated gloom misplaced as the financial downturn is not universal
8    SHOCK! Apple lukewarm with Firewire
9    Short Stories
10  Milestones: Paddy Bonham, Born 1940
10  DTS intro follow spots
10  WHILE: Apogee discontinues Windows
12  Alcorn McBride V16 Pro Show Controller
12  Technology-driven Council upgrades AV
12  Shure PGX Battery Recharger Promotion
12  Pio Nahum Joins Clay Paky
12  Show Support roll out lower cost crew
14  Streambox HD/SD Encoder Superbig video over IP
14  AKG’s C214
14  Aviom Expand Pro 64
14  XLNT Datamotion Products now available in Australia
14  ARX”ISO-Combiner”
16  Summer Camp Season Rolls On
16  ProTrac Theatrical Flying Batten
16  Milestones: Terry Turner, Born 1960
18  Safety Advisory:
– Theatres – Fire Safety Curtain & Backdrops
– Retreat or Replace?
– Manufacturers Fire Ratings
– About IFR Fabrics…
20  Monster Bass Array for Metallica
22  Yamaha Offers Remote Stage Box LS9 and M7CL Users Rejoice
22  HHB Debut Pro Dvd Player
22  Beach Cricket: Howzat!
24  Vista Grows Applications Worldwide

76  Miss World production review
26  Australian made PA systems embraced offshore
34  Field Day for TDC: creative vision for DJ sets
40  Don’t do this! In the audio world two outputs into one means trouble…
46  Take it to the limit: a Yamaha LS9 can be two consoles – smart work
50  What happens when you walk in? Venue in-house production can be hit and miss
56  Impedance: who needs it?


62  Lab Gruppen PLM series amplifiers [TEMP SCAN ERROR – p62 MISSING]
66  Selador Paletta LED fixture
70  JBL EON 500
75  Audio Technica ATM250DE instrument microphone
74  RODE M1 vocal microphone

32  Richard Cadena: Remote Device Management (RDM) explained
38  Way Back When: Highlights from Connections Magazine March 1994 and 1999
54  Duncan Fry: recounts days as a record rep & orange cordial
78  Classifieds