CX 44 July 2009

6      How CX Magazine works leading into its 20th year * Careful about the laws you might wish for

8       AC/DC Breaking records and SPL
8       QANTAS quietly changes baggage charges
10     Coemar Desisti Australia in receivership
10     Resorts self destruct and gigs go
12     Trade show season opens
12     SMPTE responds to CX
12     Ear Monitors Australia generic IEM available
14     ALIA lighting seminars at Integrate
14     Robe launch Plasma fixture
14     In house PA trends up
16     AVID open new Digidesign markets with Venue SC48
16     University theatres choose Vista
18     DX121 digital wireless comms system
18     VARI*LITE LED wash
20     Yamaha hosts free LS9 & M7CL training
20     QSC moves further into PA market
21     Multi-channel digital microphone interface
21     JVC plan big for SMPTE
22     Pussycat Dolls show wrap
24     School production nominated for London award

26    Groovin’ The Moo: rural festival takes off
30    Lots of Watts: company profile
36    Rancom Street Studios: where Garth Porter creates
52    Road Tales: the editor recounts a few crashes
40    Remembering Jeff Merryweather
58    SSSH… Secret Listener
46    How To: Install Audio

60    DiGiCo SD8 audio console
68    Richard Cadena’s New Book!!!
70    Rosco DMX Iris
72    RSS Monitors

34     Duncan Fry: at the Frankfurt Musik Messe exhibition
44     Richard Cadena: the RDM protocol
56     Way Back When: highlights from Connections Magazine June 1994 & 1999
74     Classifieds