CX 67 February 2012

6     Bullies

10    Billy Hydes and Music Link in trouble
11     Liquidators gain power; Angelina Ballerina, live
12    Microhire on the march
14    Rigging, rebuttal; Bites and Bytes
16    Roadshow schedule and events detailed
18    Outback church blessed by audio company

20    Soundcorp and Rutledge party snaps
22    Massive Arab Games Ceremonies debuts world’s biggest screen
26    Dolly Parton tours with Meyer
30    Elton tours with Yamaha connection
36    Line arrays compared
38    The Church in Adelaide
42    Loudness and TV adverts
64    DJW Projects profiled
68    New approach to theatre rigging in the Netherlands

48    Shure PSM1000 ear monitors
50    Martin Mac Aura LED
52    Fane and Interlink speakers
54    Roland VC-30HD Video Converter
56    Rosco Gobo Rotators
58    AJA KiPro HD Recorder

46    MAIZELS: The column about all things
70    INSTALLER The Big One. Building relationships for key contracts
74    DUNCAN FRY The horrible hall acoustic and what can be done