CX161 August 2020

The Homegrown Issue

  • The Sounds of Amata
  • Redback and ENTTEC – Made in Australia
  • Australia’s First Live Streamed Musical
  • NZ Tech Thinks Outside The Square
  • Local Know-How, Local Products, Local Heroes!

10 mins alone with the PM: Creative Productions’ Dave Jackson Speaks For All Of Us

QSC – More Than a Black Box

Jousting Sticks? Tell Him He’s Dreaming


Tech Talk

Listen Here: Andy Stewart

Jenny Barrett covers NZ

Dunc’s World by Duncan Fry


NZ’s first post-COVID Arena Show

NIDA Powers Up

ENTECH 2021: More Business, Less Showbiz

Mental Health First Aid Officer Training


Highlite Infinity Furion Beam, Spot, and Profile

dBTechnologies VIO-X205

LSC Lighting Systems MDR-DIN and LED-CV4