CX196 October 2023

The ENTECH Issue

The ENTECH 2023 Road Show Guide PLUS the Free Education Theatres Program!

Robe’s Mega Tour – Eric Price and Pete Cary unleash Robe on the EPIC Mega Monsters Tour

Integrate 2023 on Video – Get out your smartphones for this one! To see live video coverage from the show floor, just scan the QR codes…


AVECorp Go on the Road with MAILA

Group Technologies Welcomes New BDM for NSW/ACT

CrewCard: Intelligent Workforce Management

RISING Immerses Audiences with Panasonic Projection

Road Test

ShowPro Collider FC Strobe


Special Event Production: The Resources


Andy Stewart’s Listen Here

Jenny Barrett in NZ

John O’Brien’s Backstage

Brian Coleman: The Gaffa Tapes