CX73 Aug 2012

6 News from CX • Roadshow • Bad debts
8 EPIC STAGE FAIL as ESG burns $6m, Tech on Duty fee fight,
8 Tech on Duty fee fight
9 Safety Summit endorses Guidelines
9 ENTECH pictorial report
14 ENTECH pictorial report
16 ENTECH pictorial report
18 PROFILE Perth Audio Scene reset as Phase 1 joins Norwest
22 HAMER HALL New life for Melbourne Concert Hall, with radical acoustic system, new Meyer audio and lighting system from PRG
33 PEOPLE Jade Morrison on being a female live sound engineer
36 PEOPLE Ginger Studio opens
55 PEOPLE Kelvin Harman on bankruptcy and the birth of Power Stage
38 Optoma EW675UT projector
40 Tannoy VXP speaker
42 Rosco LitePad Loop
44 Newtek TriCaster 455
48 ETC Source Four CE LED
34 TECH TOPIC How the phase switch on your console can mess with the artist
56 LIVE PERFORMANCE AUSTRALIA Ticketing Code, how it works
58 BIZ TALK We pay quickly, they refund slowly
60 ACETA C tick and A tick to be replaced. But how?
62 INSTALLER Employees, money and skills
65 FRY Good music in New York. Where, and how?