CX85 Sep 2013

6 Mags, Apps, Digital, CX-TV
8 Up in smoke – order in N.S.W, Vale Colin Hill
9 Basement Trouble, Sustainability Conference, Brian Vayler
10 BiAmp in Australia, ULA’s Wall of Light & More!
12 SGM Lighting relaunch, JANDS Grooves The Moo
New Gear:
20 ADJ, Behringer, Martin, Neutrik, Radial & more!
14 Einstein on the Beach
24 Industry Miracle – The World Bar rebuild
32 The Future ANZ Stadium
40 Victorian State Schools Spectacular
48 SSL LIVE by Solid State Logic
52 ROBE Pointe – Everything to everyone
54 Allen & Heath QU-16, Full Digital Wizardry
56 Chromlech Elidy – Life in mono(chrome)
58 Shure Wireless Workbench 6
28 The Mill Report with Andy Stewart
38 What If? with Andrew Mathieson
46 Listen Here, A Mix Too Far with Andy Stewart
60 Roadskills – PINK, Splendour Festival & more with Cat Strom
70 BIZ TALK – Mad Men Merchandising Mayhem with Julius
73 Le Tour Le Dunk