Presentech 3 Nov/Jan 2000

6     NEWS:  BarcoRealitv 6300 projector: it‘s new!;  Presentations Academy for Australia; Westin Hotel goes hi-tech; MlMlO: hit pick!; Ford choose JVC’s D-ILA projectors; DNP for Screen Technics; ENTECH to sell out; WolfVision debut new Visualizers; Fujitsu introduce new projector; Hitachi claim highest res Plasma
12    NEW TECHNOLOGY: 15 new projectors. LINED UP: The Bench Test!
24    WHO ARE THEY: Pictorial
29    LUNCH! David Grant, event supremo
33    BIG PITCH: How Caribiner won the biggest gig in town!
36    TALK TIPS! How to make a better public presentation!
38    THEMES: Themeworks opens up shop.
40    POWERPOINT: Learning to hate this software
42    BIG SCREENS Pixellite debut new LED screens
43    AV CONTROL: SINODIAL AV integration via fibre optic
44    BEHIND TECHNOLOGY: Kodak’s future thinkers talk
45    TRAVEL: Hope on the condom express
47    NEWS: Events and Conventions