Presentech 5 May/June 2000

5      Even bigger shootout in LA! lnfoComm set to bubble
5      Iridium network crash: How we let you down
5      Hitachi debut new XGA projector
6      Caribiner sold
8      Presentations Academy opens down under
8      Playoffs produce a winner
10    Apple step up video software, i-Movie is now free!
10    Halo Pro screen: amazing!
12    Gearhouse scoop awards
12    Pixelite to install prestige screen
12    Pioneer debut tough DVD
13    Infocus, Proxima to merge
14    Barco sign digital cinema deal
14    Mitsubishi launch new ultra portable data projectors
14    Hitachi debut newest Plasma
15    Epson show Super Portable projectors
15    Crestron intro HOME control systems
15    Isco Optic announcement 15
16    EFI launch new eBeam
16    Zandar show new split screen monitor

17    LEGALESE: What’s in a name? lt’s Kerle vs. Murdoch as events maestro takes his protest to the streets!
19    GET ORGANlSED: Events are DETAIL marathons with our handy events check-list!
20    SCREENS: Panasonic screens at Colonial Stadium
22    INSTALLED: Melbourne Aquarium – a journey into subspace
25    LUNCH WITH MAD: Call Tony Assness
28    UPDATE: D-movie is coming to E-cinema. The march of digital film: where is it up to? Our in-depth report starts
31    SYSTEMS: Large scale video distribution systems: Crestron, AMX or Video Commander. Which is right for you?
42    Back page! Weird stuff that you didn’t know …