30 Jan 2019

Dante adds Video – Dante AV debuts at ISE next week!

The tipping point of convergence looks like it’s finally here; Audinate’s new codec agnostic Dante AV Module has been released for manufacturers to incorporate into their products. We’re currently wishing we’d actually bought shares in the company back when we could afford them!

We’ll be at ISE next week to get the first look at Dante AV, which will leverage Dante’s already vast  presence in AoIP to finally add the V we’ve all been waiting for. Here’s Audinate’s press release in full:

Dante AV: Dante Audio and Video, Together at Last


Dante AV is a revolutionary new AV solution that allows manufacturers to add networked video to the industry-leading Dante audio-over-IP platform. It provides the ease of use, seamless multi-vendor interoperability, and integrated control experience that customers have come to expect from Dante. The Dante AV module is a codec-agnostic, 1Gbps solution that brings the full Dante toolset and legendary ease of use to AV-over-IP.


  • Create systems for multi-screen environments such as sports bars and corporate lobbies, allowing audio to be routed wherever desired by end users
  • Deliver perfect lip-sync when doing live presentations with video, broadcast
  • Deploy and manage video walls easily and at lower cost
  • Simplify installation and use of conference rooms that combine video and audio media
  • Install secure AV systems that are easy to use for volunteer-driven customers such as houses of worship and schools

Dante AV Module

The Dante AV Module is codec agnostic, allowing manufacturers to utilize the 1 Gbps codec of their choice while getting all the benefits of the Dante’s easy-to-use software and API for unified control of both audio and video. The Dante AV Module provides complete interoperability with Dante audio devices no matter what video codec is used.

The Dante AV Module:

  • Standard 1Gbps Ethernet
  • 8 bi-directional channels of Dante audio
  • High performance, low cost Dante hardware implementation
  • Codec agnostic
  • Built-in HDCP 2.3 encryption/decryption support

Dante AV Product Design Suite

The Dante AV Module is available with the Dante AV Product Design Suite, providing a complete AV-over-IP endpoint product design for manufacturers that wish to quickly get a product to market. The Product Design Suite incorporates the Dante AV Module and includes a comprehensive set of hardware documents and software to create complete, interoperable AV products quickly and reliably.

The Dante AV Product Design Suite:

  • includes a JPEG2000 codec supporting 4K/60
  • includes 4:4:4 chroma for visually lossless results with low latency over a 1Gbps network
  • implements HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) to prevent copying of digital audio & video content as it travels across connections.
  • is easily customized to suit an OEM’s specific requirements



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