17 Jul 2013

Discovery Church upgrade with EAW and PAVT

Based in Mount Evelyn, one of Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs, Discovery Church is one of the city’s largest churches, with 1,700 people attending services each Sunday. As a growing and dynamic church, it had outgrown its old PA and was in need of a new system to meet its needs. The first of three staged upgrades was recently completed, which now delivers controlled, high-quality audio for the congregation.

A church sound system is always a design challenge, as it needs to be able to communicate the smallest whisper through to the loudest shout. Church bands can be simple acoustic duos through to 15 piece rock and roll bands. Peter MacLean, both a member of the church and a PA design consultant, worked closely with Production Audio Video Technology to create an EAW solution.

Clear design criteria were set by the client of which included making sure sight lines to stage and video screens were not obstructed by any loudspeaker. The system also had to guarantee that each member of the congregation felt entirely engaged throughout the service, which includes both full band praise and worship, as well as spoken word. Greg Attwells, the newly appointed Creative Pastor and worship leader, had high expectations for the system as the PA is a tool to communicate the Christian message in both music and word.


EAW QX & KF loudspeakers meet this challenge and deliver the precise and full-range directivity required, along with the energy transfer needed to truly represent and communicate contemporary praise and worship, connecting everyone in the room with the message being delivered. Paul Tucker’s Mosaix integrated the combination of EAW QX & KF series loudspeakers, along with accompanying EAW SB2001 Subwoofers and EAW MicroWedge stage monitors.

Powersoft’s K6, K2s and M50Qs amplifiers provide the power for the front of house EAW QX564 speakers and the eight EAW KF394 delay speakers around the venue. Powersoft K20s, with 9000W being delivered to each EAW SB2001 sub, left & right, align this well-balanced system.


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