20 Jan 2021

DREAMSCREEN AUSTRALIA Launches Melbourne’s largest REAL – TIME LED Volume Virtual Production Facility

Melbourne-based Dreamscreen Australia has launched its world-class, virtual production show reel showcasing the many and varied diverse shooting possibilities without the use of traditional post-production SFX.

Founder and CEO, acclaimed Australian filmmaker Clayton Jacobson said “LED Volume production ismade possible through the convergence of gaming and film technologies bringing new and exciting real-time methodologies to the world of film making.”

A diverse range of scenes were selected, from a remote Antarctic laboratory, a Deep Space Station, to an American Southern Moonshine Camp whichshow the limitless range of virtual production and the speed at which virtual environments can be shot.


Link to Dreamscreen Australia show reel:

Link to Dreamscreen Australia website:

“I have been experimenting with virtual production for a few years now, and the Emmy Award winning Star Wars: The Mandalorian series, along with Covid-19 has accelerated interest globally in this technology. “We are thrilled Melbourne will be home to this world class LED WALL VOLUME studio,” Jacobson said.

Head of Production Rohan Timlock stated “A large, high-quality LED Volume facility of this kind is imperative for the Australian film industry to remain competitive and viable in the current international landscape.  We are looking forward to bringing local and international production through our doors.”

The advantage of this innovation is that just about any location at any time of day, can be filmed in-studio, reducing the need to travel long distances. 

Since commencing Phase 2 of the DREAMSCREEN project earlier this year, Virtual Production studios of various sizes are starting to appear in major cities around the world. 

“It’s the way of the future.” Timlock said.  “We’ve been approached by many productions looking to use the Volume for a wide variety of VFX solutions.”

Jacobson said the Dreamscreen Australia LED wall is the largest in Melbourne, if not Australia, short of ILM’s temporary purpose-built Volume at Fox Studios Sydney.  

“It’s an exciting time particularly with the convergence of gaming technology and traditional filmmaking effects allowing for smaller production footprints and greater creative control.  Essentially the Volume takes a lot of the guess work away from the production/post process whilst truncating delivery times,” Jacobson said.

Dreamscreen Australia has formed alliances with major industry players including Method Studios, CVP, Robotface, Tantalus and Tracklab to bring this world-class facility to fruition. 

Dreamscreen Australia is also receiving wonderful support from Epic Games both locally and internationally as Mark Flanagan (Education Partner Manager at Epic Games) recently posted “Here’s the latest and greatest in virtual production from Clayton Jacobson and his fantastic crew at Dreamscreen in Melbourne. This is a fantastic reel which showcases some of the range of shots which can be accomplished in this type of setup”.

Dreamscreen Australia is embracing the next super-shift in the art of filmmaking.  Yet another step closer to the democratisation of story-telling. 

“The landscape is changing and shaking up industry status quo in very exciting ways and Dreamscreen Australia aims to raise the bar in this arena,” Jacobson said.

For further information, please contact:

Head of production: Rohan Timlock + 61 (0) 414 221 402

CEO/Founder: Clayton Jacobson: +61 (0) 400 510 820

Co/Founder/Pr: Leanne Cutler: + 61 (0) 400 790 060


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